Monday, January 26, 2009

America is a Jewish Colony: Update on Olmert’s bragging about his humiliation of Bush and the American people.

... Foxman is trying to diminish the seriousness of Olmert’s major political gaffe. He wants to prevent the incident from becoming a full scale political controversy which might enable more Americans to learn about the Jews’ death grip over the Bush regime and American political system. He doesn’t want the American public questioning the power that the Jews-only state has over America, a military hyperpower. Such a controversy might end up destroying the taboos the Jewish lobby has so carefully nurtured in America over the last six decades. It could harm the zionist state’s chances of dominating future American administrations. Foxman wants the American public to continue to believe in the zionist-nurtured fantasy that America is the greatest nation on Earth rather than a pathetic puppet which makes massive annual tribute payments, and supplies endless quantities of weapons, to its Jewish masters on the other side of the planet. ...

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