Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interdimensional Art


Bridget Algiere

J. Myztico Campo ("Tico" as his friends call him) defines his art as "visionary psychedelic surrealism." His illuminating paintings treat the viewer to bright kaleidoscopic landscapes of mystical proportions. His work melds the worlds of ancient cultures, ceremonial rites of passage, esoteric icons, and alien entities into an alchemical mosaic of color and light.

Campo states, “Each of us are part of a complex web of consciousness that spans across the inter-dimensional cosmos. Some of the images in this gallery were inspired by entheogenic sacred teacher plants that I have explored throughout the years. Others appear through Dreamtime cycles behind the veil of perceptions… Here, I share with you some of the imagery I have experienced within a variety of inter-dimensional realms. I have attempted to capture these visions to the best of my natural abilities."

You can explore these themes further on Campo's website using the mediums of music, film, photography & poetry.

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