Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Coffee Coop

[I heard about this worker coop on the Sam Seder and Marc Maron show on Air America Radio called Breakroom Live. This is from their Just Coffee Legend page] The Just Coffee Legend Legend has it that Just Coffee was started by a "college boy" and a farmer who met some revolutionary coffee growers in a place called Chiapas. They struck up a friendship and went back to their homeland of Wisconsin to help sell their compas' beans to people who would not seek to rip these fine growers off. After meeting some semi-shady and disinterested "coffee men" who turned up their noses and acted rudely, they sought out the advice of fair trade veterans in the justice league of coffee roasters known as Co-op Coffees.

After several pep talks, they became reluctant entrepreneurs, joined Co-op Coffees and bought a traditional coffee roaster. Thus Just Coffee was born!!!

After adding a much needed environmental engineer (every fair trade roaster should have one, really) they promptly ignored their shiny new coffee roasting machine and began roasting beans in a very odd looking contraption that they acquired from a very nice Madison roaster. The results were simply smashing.

Soon they began traveling the world in search of cool new producer co-ops to work with while simultaneously adding great folks from Madison to their bulging roster. As a team this rag tag crew of farmers, activists, bikers, writers, dancers, zen parents, actors, circus clowns, and fellow travelers have concocted a plan to overthrow the neo-liberal coffee menace.

And this is where you come in my friend...

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