Monday, January 26, 2009

MORE Police Brutality!!! Annette Garcia, a mother three, was shot to death by Riverside Sheriffs

On Friday January 23, 2008, Annette Garcia, a mother three, was shot to death by Riverside Sheriffs after they received calls that she was suicidal and under duress due to a marriage dispute. Reports by the family and witnesses report that she posed no harm to the officers involved and was shot at six times until a bullet finally hit her in the back as she tried to run for cover. It took over an hour to get medical attention and she died in the arms of her own children. Due to this outrage and other recent police misconducts and abuse around the nation, several community members from Watsonville and Santa Cruz held a candlelight vigil/ protest to denounce these vicious attacks by law enforcement. Participants held signs demanding an end to police brutality, Justice for Oscar Grant, Justice for Rudy Cardenas, and **** the police!. Other actions are planned in the upcoming week.
NATIONAL EMERGENCY CANDLELIGHT VIGILS AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY! CALL TO ACTION!!! Sunday January 25, 2009 5PM Bring Out Your Hood!!! Get Organized & Informed!!! RIP Annete Garcia! RIP Oscar Grant! RIP Sean Bell! Annette Garcia, a mother of three children, was shot in the back Wednesday evening by a Riverside County Sheriffs deputy. The name of the shooter has not been released but according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Perris Station, the deputy has been placed on "paid" administrative leave pending an investigation. The call was made due to a domestic dispute. The police started shooting from a block away, and was in NO DANGER. The deputy arrived by himself at a home at the 16900 block of Lake Mathews Drive and shot at Annette Garcia six times while she was walking away. She was distressed, carrying a knife while walking AWAY FROM THE OFFICER. The officer began to shoot from behind, at which point, Annette Garcia started running for safety to her home. Five of the shots missed but one hit Annette Garcia in the back. She bled to death in from of her children. The 29 year old mother was rushed to the Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley but was pronounced dead on arrival. The cowardly murder of Anne Garcia has sent shocked waves throughout Aztlan and there is a call by the leadership of the Brown Berets and ALL organizations in solidarity with us and against police violence to undertake energetic protests and demonstrations. The candlelight vigil is just the first step…get your people in the streets!!!
by No mo' Police brutality! Monday Jan 26th, 2009 12:13 AM

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