Monday, January 26, 2009

Ms_Anthrope and nora...

[Thanks to Ms-Anthrope and nora]

You folks errored, NOT THE CLINTONS -- one here has to pick on

the Clintons when no one (MUCH) got out and did anything -- like taking over buidings and KEEPING the Issues in the forefront. But NOW you Bitch, "It Was The Clintons." No it wasn't. IT WAS THE PEOPLE -- That did nothing! ...

We let it happen

Can't argue with that.

When did they start ignoring our letters? I wrote them back then, and got polite replies. Who knows.

But, I think alot of us WERE fooled by that 'cracker barrel persona' of Clinton's, fooled by the national tour on A BUS for heaven's sake -- 'he's one of us', we believed. Why didn't we peel back that coffee-at-McDonalds-in-a-sweatsuit to REALLY understand Clinton truly is a corporatist, a Bilderberger, a globalist? Maybe because we needed to see him refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement and needed to see it was obvious WTO/NAFTA did us no good whatsoever and NEVER would. (Does Clinton still stop at McDonalds for coffee today? Or was all that just an everyman touch devised for the suckers out here? I still wonder....)

Yeah, we let it happen. Because we can be fooled.

Look how we were fooled Tuesday--


Sad music. Submitted by nora on Tue, 01/20/2009 - 12:03pm. How are they keeping those instruments in tune in the cold???

» ====================================

Something told me I was NOT witnessing reality, but I did not go all the way and conclude the music had been TAPED! We were not watching these famous musicians play live, we were fooled! (So much like the 9/11 Myth born whole with pictures of the hijackers on the news the very morning (was it?) of the WTC impacts! I mean, why do we buy this stuff?)

Can Trust be restored again? I want it. For me it isn't a matter of the Dems or anybody 'eating their own', but the prey (us) no longer being able to spot the predators.

Back before the election I came across a youtube video of lions attacking a baby water buffalo, and in fright and discomfort I was fumbling to turn it off when suddenly the herd of water buffalo rushes in to save the baby. It was incredible. I started to shake and cry uncontrollably. THAT is what WE need to do now, for the sake our children and grandchildren -- go after the predators. IF WATER BUFFALOS CAN DO IT, WHY CAN'T WE?!! We can tell who the predators are as for the Bushes and Cheneys and their entourage. But who else can we trust? Who do we now consider a friend who will betray us afterall? I want to find out NOW, not (as usual) later. And I think we might be able to trust those who help us GO AFTER the obvious predators.

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