Thursday, February 12, 2009

18-year-old in Rhode Island Shot by Police

[Annette Garcia in Southern California should be on the list at the end - I read almost NOTHING about her case of police murder]

Contributed by: avocado Thursday, February 12 2009

18-year-old Mark Kilcline was shot 9 times in his home by North Kingstown police after they were answering a call to "check on his well being." Kilcline is in Rhode Island Hospital's intensive care unit, with 3 bullets in his face.On Sunday, February 8th, North Kingstown, Rhode Island police answered a call to "check on the well being" of teen Mark Kilcline after receiving a call from the mother of Kilcline's friend. Kilcline was living with the grandmother of another friend, and his mental health was delicate. He was getting dressed so his friend's grandmother could drive him to a local mental health hospital when 3 North Kingstown police burst through the door to his bedroom. According to the police (who were the only witnesses), Kilcline was holding a knife, and the police allegedly tried tasing him and when that didn't work, opened fire, shooting him in the body 9 times and in the face 3 times. One cop was shot in the arm, but is recovering. Following the incident, the three cops were given what is essentially a paid vacation, while Kilcline remains in critical condition in Rhode Island hospital. Local mainstream news have focused heavily on the accidental shooting of the cop, while Kilcline's condition seems to be of little concern, perhaps based on his disputed "innocence." Why police trained "to maim, not to kill" would open fire on the head of teenager also remains unquestioned by mainstream news sources. Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Oscar Grant III, among countless others, and now this. Demand Police accountability. End state violence everywhere.

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