Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does That Tarot Mumbo Jumbo Really Work?


If you are familiar with new age literature today then you are aware of the law of attraction. Guys this law has nothing to do about women and everything to do about women. The law of attraction states that everything in the universe is energy at its base level. All energy vibrates and based on your level of vibration things are drawn into your reality or attracted to you.

So no it is not about women but it can explain why you keep getting hooked up with the same ole crazy woman. If you take it a little farther there are no coincidences, accidents or luck that enters into your reality. All things are orchestrated by the beautifully woven tapestry of the universe in which we are all a part. Damn, that was almost poetic! Everything in the universe is connected. Based on this premise that all things are connected, tarot cards have been used successfully for hundreds of years.

Are you Skeptical about the success of tarot cards? Let’s use a little common sense logic. If they did not work would they be in use and last for hundreds of years? Were you skeptical of the stockbroker that gave you that tip on the last hot buy before the market went into the toilet? Maybe you should have been! People have had great success with tarot cards for hundreds of years. That’s why they have stayed around and people keep coming back. With the success that you’ve had in the market, why do you keep going back to that broker?

In a tarot card reading you concentrate on a question. You then are dealt a “spread” of cards. When you are concentrating you are sending out a vibe to the universe. Because your energy vibrates at any given point in time the cards that find their way into your spread are specifically attracted to your energy or vibration. There are no coincidents, accidents or luck. The cards are attracted to your energy.

A skilled “reader” can interpret the cards based on your question and their intuition. A tarot card reader can be psychic but they don’t have to be to give a good reading. It is more of an intuitive art. The cards are a snap shot of the energy that you are putting out, at any moment in time, to the universe. That stockbroker? He just threw a dart at a board full of companies, hit one that then called you! At least the tarot reader taps into the universe, that stock broker just tapped the phone and you came up.

Choosing tarot card reader is like choosing a preacher. Do you want to hear a sermon of fire and brimstone and how you have one foot in hell and the other foot on a banana peel? Or do you want one that will give you hope and that you can be a better human being? Ok, I’m kidding with the analogy of the fire and brimstone tarot reader. But do understand that reading the cards is not a science. Different readers can look at the same card and interpret it different ways. No right or wrong simply their perspective and how they feel your energy.

I was a skeptic about tarot cards until I understood how they fit with my vibrational energy and the law of attraction. A good tarot reader can aid you in many areas of your life. For example, what would be your best career path? Why you seem to get involved with the same type person in relationships? Things you need to do to develop a good relationship. They can aid you in how to handle certain situations in a relationship, at work, at home, in business and any number of life’s issues that you may not quite have a grasp of.

Because all parts of your life are interconnected within the tapestry of the universe, a good tarot reading can be an awesome aid in your daily life. Unorthodox? Yes. But relevant in ways that many do not yet realize. There is no accident that you are reading this blog. Because of the law of attraction you drew it into your awareness. Now you need to act on the message. There are many skilled tarot card readers that you can connect with online. Find one that is reputable and allow them to give you a reading. Gentlemen, lighten up. Learn how you fit into this universe. Learn why Becky Sue (a southern bell, talks like Jessica Simpson or Beyonce’) keeps showing up in your life even though the name and body keeps changing. Tarot can be an excellent tool.

If you learn to read the cards for yourself they can be an excellent way for you to connect to your higher self. Our spiritual guides are always sending us messages. Unfortunately most of us are so grounded in ego consciousness that we miss the subtle messages our guides send. You can ask your guides for guidance and they will give you messages with the cards. Tarot cards can help you interpret your dreams. You can continue to be a skeptic, but hundreds of years of success behind this divination tool speak for itself. There is some much more to our universe than our five senses can detect. Why not use different tools to help guide you in this life. You are an extraordinary being. Learn who you are. All of who you are. Allow your guides to direct your path.

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