Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anybody Want More War?

From: ellwort and treebu at lumpin prollie blog
President Obama has committed 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This decision raises serious questions about troops, costs, overall mission, and exit strategy. Historically, it has been Congress' duty to ask questions in the form of oversight hearings that challenge policymakers, examine military spending, and educate the public. After witnessing the absence of oversight regarding the Iraq war, we must insist Congress hold hearings on Afghanistan. Watch the first part from our full-length documentary that will serve as a driving force to help make oversight hearings a reality. Sign the petition urging oversight and tell us what questions you would ask.
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Dear (Sen. John F. Kerry, Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, and Rep. Howard Berman, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee), It is imperative that we hold oversight hearings on the Afghanistan conflict. Before committing more troops and taxpayer dollars to Afghanistan, we must first have a national conversation to address the many questions surrounding this war. At a time when our country faces a credibility crisis around the world, record casualties in Afghanistan, and an economic meltdown at home, oversight hearings are needed now more than ever. The government must examine how foreign policy is being executed in Afghanistan, while helping to alleviate our financial strains. We urge the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee to hold oversight hearings in order to rethink our policy toward Afghanistan and uphold the nation's system of checks and balances.

Fucking brutal everywhere
But nothing pastes down here when I try. What's with that?
Hmm ..paste wasn't working? Sometimes, depending what you were trying to post, you can try pasting it into Notepad first, that takes out any weird formatting and makes it plain text....

I have the house to myself until I leave for derby practice this afternoon...weeeee!

I'm going to read my book and listen to music...

Have a lovely day, T&A....

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