Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood

Submitted by Amanda Lang Today the citizens of Shapleigh, Maine voted at a special town meeting to pass a groundbreaking Rights-Based Ordinance. This revolutionary ordinance give its citizens the right to local self-governance and gives rights to ecosystems but denies the rights of person hood to corporations. This ordinance allows the citizens to protect their groundwater resources, putting it in a common trust to be used for its residents.

Yay Shapleigh! This is a promising response to corporate thuggery.

Treebu worked for several months for Nestle Waters (which owns Poland Spring) and found out what a nasty predatory company. It treated her like - and paid her - shit, too.
Moral: Avoid buying bottled water.
Poor treebu..I understand how she feels...

I used to work at a place in Chicago called The Financial Relations Board. I think Polaris was one of their clients for PR work....

Really?? This Polaris - The Polaris Institute (b. 1997)? As in this -

When did you move from the Chicago ("Chi" in Hammett's great stories) to California? Some day you may feel like saying why.
No, I think it's this place...

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