Friday, March 06, 2009


Long, long, long ago When the Universe was very small, And there really was no space at all, Nova Donna was there. She was so furious. There was no time, No time for anything. She was raging, She was determined, There was no one to stop her, So she let loose. She let loose of all the boundaries, All the restrictions, Every last one, She let it rip Right up the crotch, Split the seams of her restraining garments, And started growing like Alice. Her head lifted the roof, Her arms shot out the windows, And then all the walls just Busted to flinders And went spinning off into space, Because now there was some,
And she took a big, deep breath, exhaling A stream of galaxies as dense as thick smoke. She kicked back on the Big sofa covered with patterns like rattlesnake hide and leopard prints and tiger stripes and all those kinds of badass patterns, and started to chill. She kept smoking for a long time, Because now there was some, Time I mean, Time to get some things done, Things she'd been meaning to do Back when there was so much pressure And no means of expression. She didn't make any decisions. She delegated everything, And didn't create any minions. She wrote everyone a blank check. There was so much to do, And she needed helpers, not slaves, Willing warriors, able to brave The space, because there was so much space now in this new place. She couldn't stop smoking. It turned out there was no limit To the volume of swirling spirals And gyrating pulsars and collapsing vortices she could exhale, And she started collecting white dwarves And red giants to keep her company, And always loved to wear a nova in her hair. Eventually she thought "WOW" And then she thought "This is really cool" And she noticed little things starting To happen in the cool places out in the star systems. She noticed some very cool stuff, Like water, which she had never seen before, As rain, and snow, As lakes and rivers, As oceans and ice caps, Turning these cute little planets all blue and green The cutest little things she'd ever seen. And then she saw something that took her breath away. Because her vision being very keen, She could see the snow falling, Every snowflake, just drifting down Through the atmosphere like inside A glass ball when you shake it, And she loved the way the winds Swirled all around the planets, Making those twirly patterns That are so cute. But what amazed her most was the way every snowflake was unique, custom-made perfect, And she just laughed with joy, Because she knew that she was rich.
So she went on a shopping spree, She started spending wildly, Everywhere she could find a cool little planet. She was everywhere at once, Checking planetary orbits, Waiting for gravity to pull them into line, Watching for stray comets that might be candidates to deluge some bare rock with a splash of bubbly Then watching them foam up green As the suns, oh how she loved her suns, Warmed up the whole shebang, And then one day they came. Flowers, oh god the flowers. She gasped. She thought the snowflakes were grand, But the flowers were, they were, They were just magnificent, And she said out loud in a voice like thunder, "I'm movin' in!" And she plucked some dawn clouds Out of the sky for a nightgown and still almost naked, gathered up flowers and rolled in the fields, Getting drunk on perfume And watching the sun way up high in the sky, and the rivers flowed between her legs and she knew she was not only rich, she was beautiful.

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