Monday, March 02, 2009

William S. Burroughs’ “Writings” on eBay


You can now find some new writings of the Beat author William S. Burroughs on eBay. What’s up for bid here is not a long lost novel, or an early draft of Naked Lunch. Nope, it’s simply Burroughs’ shopping list, a little note reminding him to pick up some cans of Coke, cat food, vodka, Triscuits, and other banal things. Buy it here for a cool $495. All credit on this one goes to BoingBoing, which, by the way, is also featuring today a free download of Sean Williams’ Darwinian religion novel Crooked Letter.

A quick PS: one of our readers claims this is a photo of Burroughs shopping. This has not been verified, but if you’re curious what it might have looked like to put the shopping list in action, here it goes. :)

by Dan Colman

Paging Dr. Benway.

Also, Bill Burroughs reading Laurie Andersons's "Sharkey's NIght":

(well that pasted, no problem. Hmf)
Thank you!



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