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The American Museum of Beat Art

WRITERS AND POETS: Jack Kerouac William Burroughs Lawrence Ferlinghetti Gregory Corso Allen Ginsberg Harold Norse Michael McClure Gary Snyder Jack Micheline Charles Olson Peter Orlovsky Diane Di Prima Lawrence Lipton Bob Kaufman Charles Bukowski Phillip Whalen Herbert Huncke Ted Joans Lew Welch Anne Waldman Emiri Baraka Ted Berrigan Richard Brautigan Kenneth Rexroth Ken Kesey Robert Creeley VISUAL ARTISTS: Jackson Pollock Franz Kline Marcel Duchamp Ed Kienholz Ed Ruscha Jay Defeo Wallace Berman John Altoon Ed Moses Lenore Jaffee

Here's some stuff maladroitly cut & pasted from a pdf of Evergreen Review #2 ca. 1957-8):

BROTHER ANTONINUS, O. P. (William Everson), was born in
Sacramento in 1912. Since 1951 he has been stationed at the
College of St. Albert the Great in Oakland. DORE ASHTON
is art critic on the New York Tim es and A rts and Architecture.
JA1v1ES BROUGHTON, a native Californian, has produced
five "poetic experimental films," and has published
three volumes of poems. His latest, True & False Unicorn,
will be brought out by Grove Press this fall. ROBERT
DUNCAN was born in Oakland in 1919. In recent years he
has traveled in Europe and taught at Black Mountain College;
he now resides in San Francisco. His recent work has
appeared in Black Mountain Review and Botteghe Oscure.
LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI was born in New York in 1919.
After service in France during the war and study at the Sorbonne,
he has settled in San Francisco, where he owns the
City Lights Bookshop and publishes the Pocket Poets Series.
His Pictures of the Gone World appeared in 1955. ALLEN
GINSBERG was born in Newark in 1926. After graduating
from Columbia University, he worked in New York and
knocked around the country for several years before reaching
the West Coast. ''Howl'' is reprinted from Howl and Other
Poems, Pocket Poets Series No. 4, City Lights Bookshop, San
Francisco, with the kind permission of Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
RALPH J. GLEASON was born in New York and educated at
Columbia. In recent years he has been San Francisco correspondent
and columnist for Down Beat and regular contributor
to the San Francisco Chronicle. JACK KEROUAC was born
in Lowell, Mass., in 1922. After attending Columbia College,
he worked as merchant seaman during the war. Viking Press
plans to publish his new novel, On the Road, in the autumn.
lVIICHAEL MCCLURE comes from the Midwest where he was
born in 1932. His poems have appeared in Poe try (Chicago),
and he is co-editor of Ark lJ Moby 1. "Night Words" is taken
from his first book, Passage, published by Jonathan Williams
continued on page 160

* * *

From: A Coney Island of the Mind
The poet's eye obscenely seeing
sees the surface of the round world
with its drunk rooftops
and wooden oiseaux on clotheslines
and its clay males and females
with hot legs and rosebud breasts
in rollaway beds
and its trees full of mysteries
and its sunday parks and speechless statues
and its America
with its ghost towns and empty Ellis Islands
and its surrealistic landscape of
mindless prairies
supermarket suburbs
steamheated cemeteries
cinerama holy days
and protesting cathedrals
a kissproof world of plastic toiletseats tampax and taxis
drugged store cowboys and las vegas virgins
disowned indians and cinemad matrons
unroman senators and conscientious non-objectors
and all the other fatal shorn-up fragments
of the immigrant's dream come too true
and mislaid
among the sunbathers
They were putting up the statue
of Saint Francis
in front of the church
of Saint Francis
in the city of San Francisco
in a little side street
just off the Avenue
where no birds sang
and the sun was coming up on time
in its usual fashion
and just beginning to shine
on the statue of Saint Francis
where no birds sang
And a lot of old Italians
were standing all around
in the little side street
just off the Avenue
watching the wily workers
who were hoisting up the statue
with a chain and a crane
and other implements
And a lot of young reporters
in button-down clothes
were taking down the words
of one young priest
who was propping up the statue
with all his arguments
And all the while
while no hirds sang
any Saint Francis Passion
and while the lookers kept looking
up at Saint Francis
32 Evergreen Review
with his anns outstretched
to the birds which weren't there
a very tall and very purely naked
young virgm
with very long and very straight
straw hair
and wearing only a very small bird's nest
in a very existential place
kept passing thru the crowd
all the while
and up and down the steps
in front of Saint Francis
her eyes downcast all the while
and singing to herself
What could she say to the fantastic foolybear
and what could she say to brother
and what could she say
to the cat with future feet
and what could she say to mother
after that time that she lay lush
among the lolly flowers
on that hot riverbank
where fems fell away in the broken air
of the breath of her lover
and birds went mad
and threw themselves from trees
to taste still hot upon the ground
the spilled sperm seed
-she lay lush
among the lolly flowers
on that hot riverbank-

I LOVE that line...

I went to City Lights last time I was in SF and I really enjoyed the space - took lots of pics that trip which is linked on my blog as the SF trip...

I hope we can go there too when we meet in May... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that City...

I am splurging on a nice hotel room that has a balcony and is right on Columbus where the comedy club is so we can walk from there...if ya wanna...

How many days will you be here from Friday the 15th?

Can't wait!

Please stand by -
Standing by....
Hang on: Sorry for the lapse - we're in a groove on the crest of a hedonist wave and mixing metaphors in our seatpant pockets just now.
Presently we'll be gargling sand and getting down to details on the solid beach of your email.
- Arch
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