Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Listen Listen

Later I saw Yoko, whom I had known about through her connection with my art-school mentor Gustav Metzger, who – with Malcolm Cecil – had inspired me to make destruction a part of my artistic manifesto on stage. She was performing Happenings at various venues around London in 1967. She was outrageous, challenging, inspired and apparently insane. She was one of the first art terrorists, combining deep morality with confrontation and shock. She was also engaging and deeply erotic. …When I saw her in 1993, I remember being stunned by how young Yoko still looked, and how especially beautiful she had become.

-Pete Townsend, “Memories of John Lennon”

That is cool! I really like Yoko Ono I follow her on twitter! : ]
Good morning! Yes cool I should look her up on twitter..she is on myspace too...kinda cool of her to do it...


Hope you're well...miss ya lately..!

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