Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thoughts and images are formed into physical reality and become physical fact -Seth

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts: "Thoughts and images are formed into physical reality and become physical fact. They are propelled chemically. A thought is energy. It begins to produce itself physically at the moment of its conception. Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland. Chemicals as you know them, body chemicals, are physical, but they are the propellants of this thought energy, containing within them all the codified data necessary for translating any thought or image into physical actuality. They cause the physical body to reproduce the inner image. They are sparks, so to speak, initiating the transformation. Chemicals are released through the body through the skin and pore systems, in an invisible but definite pseudo-physical formation. The intensity of a thought or image largely determines the immediacy of its physical materialization. There is no object about you that you have not created. There is nothing about your physical image that you have not made. The initial thought or image exists within the mental enclosure of which I have spoken. It is not yet made physical. It appears within the physical system, but apart from it. Then it is sparked into physical materialization. This is the general procedure. All thoughts or images are not completely materialized, however. The intensity may be too weak. There is a struggle of sorts among ideas for expression. The chemical reaction sparks certain electrical charges, some within the layers of the skin. There are radiations then through the skin to the exterior worlds containing highly codified information and instructions. The physical environment can be seen in many ways as direct extensions from the physical self. Physical formations of other images, you see, radiating outward; these subject to continual change, as is the physical image, and all of this reflecting the inner and basic action. The physical environment is as much a part of you, then, basically you see, as the physical image. Your control over it is quite effective, for you create it as you create your fingertip. You are not consciously aware, consciously underlined, of your control over the physical object that may be touched by that fingertip. The physical objects are made or constructed of the same pseudo- material that radiates outward from the physical image, only the higher intensity mass is different. When it builds up enough, you recognize it as an object. At low intensity mass it is not apparent to you. Every nerve and fiber within the physical image has an inner purpose that is not seen, and that serves to connect the inner self with physical reality-in other words, that allows the inner self to create physical reality. The physical image is a part of objective reality. This should not be overlooked, when speaking of the self. In one respect the physical image and physical objects go flying out in all directions from the inner core of the whole self. There is always impetus, action, and motion; that is, of intensities and not of space. A thought is indeed faster than a locomotive. Or a rocket." -excerpt from Session 302, November 21, 1966

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