Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drop $10 in 2010!!! Challenge the two-party stranglehold!

We're preparing for the 2010 elections now with a special fund-raising drive. We ran a great slate of candidates in 2008. Ralph Nader raised our visibility and brought a lot of new energy into the party. We endorsed Cindy Sheehan (the Peace Mom) in her valiant race against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Party officer Marsha Feinland (9th State Senate District) got almost 30,000 votes against the established candidates. Where they ran, our candidates came in second or third, getting more votes than any other third party candidate including Greens and Libertarians. All our candidates work with budgets that are miniscule compared to those of the corrupt major parties. Please help us continue our electoral progress by contributing just 10 bucks to our 2010 election campaigns. Drop 10 on 2010!
If you would like to drop $10 on us by check, please make it payable to Peace and Freedom Party and mail to: P.O. Box 24764 Oakland, California 94623 Let us know exactly what your donation is for by writing "I'm dropping $10 on 2010" in the memo of your check. Thanks!

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