Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fatah holds 1st internal vote in 20 years-Mahmud Abbas re-elected Palestinian president

President Abbas Re-Elected Chairman of Fateh's Central Committee “Resistance Is a Legitimate Right” 09/08/2009 Secretary General of the Presidency, Tayyeb Abdul Rahim, announced, Saturday (yesterday), the re-election of President Abbas chairman of the Central Committee of Fateh movement. President Abbas, on his side, confirmed in a speech he pronounced before Fateh’s Sixth Conference, held in Bethlehem, that, “the conference will pay off despite Hamas.” He added, “there are issues to address. We must give space to filling gaps,” clarifying that they met for long days to look into every obstacle, WAFA news agency reported. The president added that four of the central committee’s members will be nominated, later on, in addition to 18 members who will be elected. He confirmed that differences normally exist but the priority remains the best interest for the conference and the people. Fatah Conference: “Resistance Is a Legitimate Right” In related news, Fatah general conference adopted a position paper pointing out Fatah's identity to the Palestinian people: 1-Fatah commits to being a national liberating movement aiming to end the occupation and seeking the independence of the Palestinian people, it is part of the Arab liberation movement and the International Power Front which seeks freedom and independence of peoples. 2-Fatah's mainly contradicts with the Israeli occupation and any other contradictions are considered minor ones which can be resolved by communication and dialogue , it reserves the right in using all the available means in defense of the national unity, the Palestinian legitimacy and the independent Palestinian decision. 3-Fatah will always remain loyal to the martyrs and their sacrifices and will struggle for their freedom, it clings to the national constants of the Palestinian people including the liberation of Jerusalem and the Palestinian land, the return of refugees and removing settlements. 4-Despite clinging to comprehensive fair peace, we will not give up any of our options, we believe that resistance is a legitimate right for all peoples under occupation in encountering the occupiers. 5-This announcement is an integral part of the political program of the Sixth General Conference of the Palestinian Liberation Movement "Fatah".

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