Monday, September 07, 2009

The Night in Isla Negra, by Pablo Neruda

Pics from: FOTORAMA: LOS VERSOS DE PABLO NERUDA - ANA BEATRIZ BARROS BY RUVEN AFANADOR/ AMICA NOVEMBER 2003 - Pictures taken in Isla Negra, Chile * Ancient night and the unruly salt beat at the walls of my house. The shadow is all one, the sky throbs now along with the ocean, and sky and shadow erupt in the crash of their vast conflict. All night long they struggle; nobody knows the name of the harsh light that keeps slowly opening like a languid fruit. So on the coast comes to light, out of seething shadow, the harsh dawn, gnawed at by the moving salt, swept clean by the mass of night, bloodstained in its sea-washed crater. * *
Fiesta en Casa de Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra, 1959
Pic from: Fotos de diferentes etapas de su vida

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