Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The War Against War, by Archana Sridhar

A war against war, is what I dream,
where the solders joyfully work in happy team.

They are powerful, fearless with determination.
to spread love and peace is their only mission.

They don’t carry bombs and guns,
all they have is love in tons.

They care for the people in need and pain,
For them all country, race and religion mean the same.

They teach children great morels and social grace,
Boost elder’s ego and bring smile on their face.

They erase the hatredness of people,
preaching them the power of love and peace, in gentle.

They plant trees and care for nature,
animals and birds feel the earth a safe shelter.

They are no super heroes nor are they gods,
they possess no magic stick or powers.

They are there in chrores and millions,
peep within, they dwell in each one of us.

It’s high time we pat them into action,
to make the entire world into one great nation. 

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