Monday, April 30, 2007

Children tap into divine consciousness, meditation guru says

... "Children live in states of divine consciousness and bliss ... We shouldn't be surprised when children give up on God in adolescence because the religion doesn't bear much similarity to their experience. "If relationships are only based on Sunday churchgoing and don't have a deeper experiential level, then the children as young adults will lose the connection." Meditation has already been tried in Catholic schools in Townsville. So successful was the pilot project that mandatory meditation classes have been introduced to all 31 schools in the diocese, and the program is being used as a model for other dioceses. Ernie Christie, the deputy director of Townsville's Catholic Education Office, said meditation was taught as prayer three times a week from kindergarten to year 12. Sessions are accompanied by gentle music and a candle. "It's a skilled discipline, and the earlier we get them the more they see it is a natural part of their being. Anecdotally, the feedback has been nothing but positive. The kids are calmer, more open to doing school work, and in secondary school they are asking to do meditation sessions prior to exam time. ...

what a spiritual and sensual collection of writings and images. i love your blog! :)
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