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Popul Vuh

Popo Vuh, or Popol Vuh, literally the "Book of the Community." The word popol is Maya and means "together," "reunion," or "common house." Popol na is the "house of the community where they assemble to discuss things of the republic," says the Diccionario de Motul. Pop is a Quiché verb which means "to gather," "to join," "to crowd," according to Ximénez; and popol is a thing belonging to the municipal council, "communal," or "national." For this reason Ximénez interprets Popol Vuh as Book of the Community or of the Council. Vuh or uúh is "book," "paper," or "rag" and is derived from the Maya húun or úun, which means at the same time both paper and book, and finally the tree, the bark of which was used in making paper in ancient times, and which the Nahua call amatl, commonly known in Guatemala as amatle (Ficus cotinifolia). Note that in many words the n from the Maya is changed to j or h in Quiché. Na, "house" in Maya, is changed to ha, or ja; húun or úun, "book" in Maya, becomes vuh or úuh in Quiché.

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Musical Interlude, etc.

Ravi and George, Mr Tambourine Man


Eric and George, Something


"All Those Years Ago" (a tribute to John Lennon) is my favorite Harrison song

Talking all about love

While they treated you like a dog

..And you were the one who they said

Was so weird

All those years ago

You said it all when not many had ears

All those year ago

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The lotus - Sanskrit padma; Tibetan pad ma - does not grow in Tibet and so Tibetan art has only stylized versions of it.

Nevertheless, it is one of Buddhism's best recognized motifs since every important deity is associated in some manner with the lotus, either being seated upon it or holding one in their hands.

Significantly, the color of the lotus too has an important bearing on the symbology associated with it:

* White Lotus (Skt. pundarika; Tib. pad ma dkar po): This represents the state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity (bodhi). It is associated with the White Tara and proclaims her perfect nature, a quality which is reinforced by the color of her body.

* Red Lotus (Skt. kamala; Tib: pad ma chu skyes): This signifies the original nature and purity of the heart (hrdya). It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion and all other qualities of the heart. It is the flower of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

* Blue Lotus (Skt. utpala; Tib. ut pa la): This is a symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, and signifies the wisdom of knowledge. Not surprisingly, it is the preferred flower of Manjushri, the bodhisattva of wisdom.

* Pink Lotus (Skt. padma; Tib. pad ma dmar po): This the supreme lotus, generally reserved for the highest deity. Thus naturally it is associated with the Great Buddha himself.

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War is for Whores [A Tale In Warning of War Lust, Blood Greed, and Ultra-Nationalist Assholes] by Lee Paxton (July 2005)

War is for whores! More accurately put, wars are games played by wealthy older men using the lives of poorer younger men as their pawns in a bloody chess game for power and control. And where doth your ass stand in this never ending butthole battle? Hopefully not with the rectal drones of mankind, nor with the general genital slime, but rather with the butt trumpeters of dawn, who yearn and chime for a new age without the whores of warfare.

Now let me telleth you the story of a war so skanky and scandalous that you may shit your pants in amazement. It all began when the Land of Dirty Buttholes challenged the Land of Stinky Sphincters to a duel in the World's Smelliest Ass Competition, and won the great rectal-wind showdown after all but one judge was killed from a massive burst of flatulence. The Land of Stinky Sphincters protested the decision of the one remaining judge, but it was to no avail since no one at the International Assholes Committee cared to have the raunchy rectal showdown repeated. So, in protest, the Land of Stinky Sphincters boycotted all commerce and goods from the Land of Dirty Buttholes, yet they still refused to give up the trophy. Instead, the Land of Dirty Buttholes decided to allow acts of terrorism against the Land of Stinky Sphincters, since the boycott was crippling their economy. They decided to let their Butt Pirates go after ships from the Land of Stinky Sphincters, and lots of precious booty was plundered! The Land of Stinky Sphincters became enraged by the acts of terrorism, so the old farts in the government declared War on the Land of Dirty Buttholes, and in turn, the old farts in the government of Dirty Buttholes declared war on the Stinky Sphincters.

The Butthole Battle raged on for many years, millions of people lost their lives in brutal combat, and the economies of both nations were in dire straits (and I don't mean the band, or even The Band for that matter!). Both lands were decimated by the ongoing conflict. Soon, all who were left to fight the War were the elite die-hard soldiers on both sides. Now it

General Gaping Holes McMurphy was waiting for him on top of the hill, and as soon as he saw General Butt Mustard, he shot him right between the eyes (and right between the thighs for good luck). Realizing he had just single-handedly won the war for his side, Gaping Holes McMurphy did a wild dance of glee, and then accidently fell back on his bayonet and stabbed himself to death!

After seeing both their Generals killed in such gruesome ways, the two bands faced each other and began playing different tunes loudly against one another. After a few hours, they realized this wasn't going anywhere, and the leaders of both bands met each other in the center of the field and talked it over. After discussing things, they both found a song both sides knew and loved, "Hang On Poopy, Poopy Hang On", and the butt trumpets blasted, "Fart! Fart! -- Fart! Fart! -- Fart! Fart! -- Fart! Fart!"

The War was Over, and Peace had finally come. A peaceful way and philosophy soon spread across the land, and everyone sang, "Hang On to Sri Poopy, to Sri Poopy Hang On! Yeah, YEAH! Yeah, YEAH, Yeah, YEAH, YEAHH!"

"The End"

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is committed to "freedom of speech" rather than "freedom of acceptable speech." I believe that by probing for "truth" we will expose who is wielding the power to cause formal education and the establishment media to ignore and/or collectively suppress information which is now readily available on the World Wide Web.

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An Educational Web Site on: The World Elite, Hidden Technology, Health, Government Control, NESARA & much more.

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When the skies are brighter canary yellow I forget ev'ry cloud I've ever seen, So they called me a cockeyed optimist Immature and incurably green. I have heard people rant and rave and bellow That we're done and we might as well be dead, But I'm only a cockeyed optimist And I can't get it into my head. I hear the human race Is fallin' on its face And hasn't very far to go, But ev'ry whippoorwill Is sellin' me a bill, And tellin' me it just ain't so. I could say life is just a bowl of Jello And appear more intelligent and smart, But I'm stuck like a dope With a thing called hope, And I can't get it out of my heart! Not this heart... But I'm only a cockeyed optimist And I can't get it into my head.

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Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality by Crispin Sartwell

Nuff said.

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Two bodies, one head, fields divided in two, And then to reply to four unheard ones: Little ones for great ones, clear evel for them, Lightning at the tower of Aiguesmortes, worse for "Eussouis"

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Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300

This book, by Dr. John Coleman, a former Intelligence agent of British MI6, rips the lid off the conspiratorial group that knows NO national boundaries, is ABOVE the laws of ALL countries and controls every aspect of politics, religion, commerce, industry, banking, insurance, mining and even drug trade! Learn how this small ELITE GROUP, which is answerable to NO ONE except its members, has pulled the strings on ALL world events and why, until now, few people have been aware of its existence, let alone power, in manipulating the affairs of the entire World. All of these members are revealed as well as all of the corporations, government agencies and various movements that “they” have developed to control and further their own aims for World Domination.

The Plan 2000


The Global 2000 report to the President, prepared by the Council on Environmental Quality and the Department of State begins as a STUDY for the "PROBABLE CHANGES IN THE WORLD'S POPULATION, NATURAL RESOURCES, AND ENVIRONMENT THROUGH THE END OF THE CENTURY." The report concludes that the stresses are already severe enough to deny many millions of people basic needs for food, shelter, health, and jobs, or ANY HOPE for betterment. At the same time, the earth's carrying capacity - the ability of biological systems to provide resources for human needs - is eroding.

In July of 1980, Secretary of State endorsed as official Carter administration policy the Global 2000 report, which according to then Secretary of State Edmund Muskie's own words "THE ELIMINATION OF 2 billion human beings by the year 2000. The Office of Population Affairs of the U.S. State Department from the National Security Council's Ad Hoc Group on Population policy, U.S. Foreign Polity is being planned and implemented on the basis of its effectiveness in murdering human beings. Unprecedented Population growth as spelled out in the ECO summit Meeting in 1992 in Brazil has required the examination of the statistics provided in the studies of "Human Environment" (1972), "Population" (1974), "Human Settlements" (1976), "Water" (1977) and others has shown the MOST growth of Human species in the last 40 years. The first Billion of population occurred on the planet around 1800, the next century ended with about two Billion, the 3rd Billion around 1960, the 4th Billion in approximately 1974 and reach 5 Billion in 1987. We currently exceed 6 Billion on the Planet and the Technicians of Genocide are now stepping up their programs.

Thomas Ferguson was the head of the Latin America desk at the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs. "Every hot spot in the Third World is in fact a result of failed population policy. There is a single theme behind all of our work - we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in Iran or Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even FASCISM, to reduce it. To really reduce population quickly, you have to put all the males into fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile females."

At present 250 million Africans are threatened with death by starvation and AIDS, nearly twenty million in the coming months. The immediate cause is a collapse in food production in most areas of the continent. In truth, the collapse of African agriculture is due to the 'Global 2000' policies of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and like agencies of the NWO.

The lending policies of the World Bank, under Global 2000 supporter, Robert McNamara, have been designed to force African nations NOT to develop irrigation or any advance farming techniques but to rely on labor intensive low technologies.


ETHIOPIA: Some 5 million people are in danger of starvation. Ethiopia-Somalia warfare largely provoked by Henry Kissinger.

SOMALIA: 1.5 million refuges and many more nomadic people wait for death. Government is seeking $2 billion in reconstruction aid. United Nations actions are a preparation for the understanding and use of the NEW WORLD ORDER Police Force to control the world and put us all under the dictums of the United Nations.

KENYA: Acute hunger and starvation are occurring in the Karamoja and West Nile regions. 9000 women and children died over a two month period. Food relief is nonexistent.

"The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease. AIDS has made Africa a continent that is set for extinction."

Representative Richard Ottinger, Democratic congressman from New York's Westchester County area, sponsor of the Population Policy Act of 1981, "Overpopulation is a national security question." We have much greater demand on our food stocks, and WE WILL MAKE GOD-LIKE decisions on WHO LIVES and WHO DOES NOT."

William Paddock, advisor to the U.S. State Department under three administrations. In 1980 he was an unofficial advisor to the State Department Office of Population. In an interview, "We're going to see a rollback of the population. It will happen somehow. One of the four horseman, and the FIFTH ONE, WHICH IS "THE BOMB."

Representative Paul McClosky, "Population is worse than Nuclear Proliferation." When you are trying to dispense contraceptives and advice, as AIDS tried to spread condoms all over the world, you have to question if that is a valid program."

Henry Kissinger, National Security Memorandum #200, "Reduction of the rate of population in these States is a matter of vital U.S. national security. The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of mineral from abroad, especially from less-developed countries. That fact gives US enhanced interests in the political, economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to economic interests of the United States."

President George Bush: "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge. We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders." September 11, 1990

"(The Gulf Crisis) has to do with a new world order. And that world order is only going to be enhanced if this newly activated peacekeeping function of the United Nations proves to be effective." January 9, 1991

"When we are successful, and WE WILL BE, we have real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders." January 16, 1991

From "THE BULLETIN" the plans include the conversion of the United States into a socialist nation...and the merger of that enslaved segment of mankind with other nations into a NEW WORLD ORDER. That goal under that very name, originally written in bastardized Latin as novus ordo seclorum has been envisioned by a Master Conspiracy for the past two hundred years as the ultimate product of all its crimes against humanity, and of all its subversive onslaughts against western civilization.

GLOBAL 2000 Report is obtained in detail from the Superintendent of documents, U.S. Government Pringint Office, Washington, DC 20402

Volume 1. The Summary Report S/N 041-011-00037-8 $3.50

Volume 2. The Technical Report S/N 041-00038-6 $13.00

Volume 3. The Government's Global Model S/N 041-011-00051-3 $8.00 (No Longer Available)

The program of control under the guidelines will come under the Executive Orders from the President.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11490 (That is eleven thousand four hundred ninety) (Have you read any of them??)

Whereas our national security is dependent upon our ability to assure continuity of government, at every level, in ANY NATIONAL EMERGENCY TYPE SITUATION that might conceivably confront the nation; and WHEREAS effective national prepardness planning to meet such an emergency, including a MASSIVE NUCLEAR attack, is essential to our national survival, and; Whereas the congress has directed the development of such national emergency program of the U.S.

PART 6: United States Postal Service will register all persons and families.

PART 7: Department of the Interior will take control of all electric power, petroleum and gas, solid fuels, minerals, and water.

PART 8: Department of agriculture will take control of all (1) food resources, farm equipment, fertilizer, and food resources.

PART 9: Department of commerce, takes over all production and distribution of materials including ocean and coastal shipping of all commodities. It will provide for collection and reporting census information on the status of human and economic resources, including population, housing, agriculture, manufacture, mineral industries, business, transportation, trade, construction, as required.

PART 10: Department of Labor: The Secretary of Labor shall be in charge of mobilizing all civilian manpower under guidance of the Secretary, and used and allocating available workers to required locations.

PART 11: Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, will take over all medical requirements for the civilian population, and all Health manpower, which means physicians (including osteopaths) dentists, sanitary engineers, registered nurses, and others as listed in the Health Manpower Occupations.

PART 12: Department of Housing and Urban development will be in charge of taking over housing and developing places on a temporary basis.

PART 13: Department of transportation will take over all forms of transportation and the movement of passengers and cargo.

PART 18: Federal Communications commission takes over all means of communication and ability to close any radio station or any device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation of any type.

PART 19: Federal Power Commission takes over all electric power and naturel gas in accordance with agreements with the Secretary of the Interior.

Executive Order 11490 also calls for the CREATION of 10 (ten) federal districts, called "NEWSTATES" and their capitals. These 10 "newstates" are already being used by various agencies such as the Postal Service, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Social Security Administration.

All of these provisions are against the U.S. constitution and once implemented (in secrecy) cannot be reviewed by Congress for six months. Enforcement is by the National Guard or Military under jurisdiction (United Nations Troops now practicing in and on U.S. military bases, both active and ones who have been turned over to foreign troops for "military practice" in the control of the United Nations.

On April 5, 1984, President Regan signed a highly classified NATIONAL SECURITY DECISION DIRECTIVE (NDSS #84) code name REX 84 which authorized ten huge prison camps located at key defense commands across the U.S. There is also a huge 1 million acre 'restricted area' complex in Alaska to be used for brainwashing of government opponents during the takkeover plans. Butner, North Carloina has also been named as having a citizens detention making a total of twelve located so far.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretary General of the United Nations. "The 'blue helmets' on the front lines of conflict on four continents are a symbol of the UN's commitment to international peace and security. Local police must be monitored to ensure that they carry on their duties in the spirit of the NEW ORDER and not the old. Allied with this effort will be the provision of more extensive guidance to governments on training troops and POLICE who they may contribute to the UN for peacekeeping duties. ABILLION people live on less than one dollar a day. Bilateral foreign aid programs were often an instrument of the cold War, and remain deeply affected by considerations of political power and national policy. The centuries-old doctrine of absolute and exclusive sovereignty NO LONGER STANDS, and was in fact never so absolute as it was conceived to be in theory."





A. The time is pressing. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968. Limits to Growth was written in 1971, Global 2000 was written in 1979, but insufficient progress has been made in population reduction.

B. Given global instabilities, including those in the former Soviet bloc, the need for form control of world technology, weaponry, and natural resources, is now absolutely mandatory. The immediate reduction of world population, according to the mid-1970's recommendations of the Draper Fund, must be immediately effected.

C. The present vast over population, now far beyond the world carrying capacity cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization, abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.

D. The issue if falsely debated between a political and a cultural approach to population and resources, when in fact, faced with stubborn obstruction and day-to-day political despondency which make most of the leaders of the most populous poor countries unreliable, the issue is compulsory cooperation.

E. Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations, most of whose leaders are irresolute, conditions by localist' cultures,' and lacking appropriate notions of the New World Order. Debate means delay and forfeiture of our goals and purpose.

F. The UN action against Iraq proves conclusively that resolute action on our part can sway other leaders to go along with the necessary program. The Iraq action proves that the aura of power can be projected and sustained and that the wave of history is sweeping forward.


There is twofold opposition which must be eliminated by quick action. There are rumblings among some of the 'South' regions, notably Brazil and Malaysia, to thwart the aims of the UNCED Earth Charter and to thwart the international gathering in Brazil in June 1992.

There is also the unfortunate vacillation in our own ranks, an argument that the UNCED leaders have made the agenda 'too political' and that the way must first be prepared on a less abrasive cultural basis.

We present only the most recent evidence:

Gilberto Mello Mourao, the Brazilian writer, warned in the August 4, Folha de Sc Paulo that at Munich in 1938, 'It won't be easy to row against the current of that type of ecological epidemic, unleashed against our country, which threatens the structure of our cultural, spiritual, and political values, and against our very national sovereignty...Messrs.Chamberlain and Daladier, heads of the governments of England and France, calmly offered the Brazilian amazon to the Fuehrer.' Hitler reportedly observed that since the Amazon was in south America, the United States would city the Monroe Doctrine and reject a German occupation of Brazilian territory. "Changerlain and Daladier responded that the proposal had Washington's backing.'

The prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, announced on August 16 that his country may boycott the Earth Summit and stated that if the conference is used to suppress the Third World, it would be better for these nations to hold their own meeting. Speaking to newsmen in Petaling Java, Mahathir claimed that environmentalists have launched a global assault on Malaysia, while it is the developed nations, not Malaysia, who are polluting the environment.

Malaysias, Science, Technology, and Environment minister, Law Hieng Ding, Announced August 20 according to the New Straits times of August 23, that Malaysia is preparing a document entitled 'Greening the World', urging developed countries to use wealth and technology to turn the deserts green.

Ahmed Djoglas, Algeria's delegate to the August 15 meeting of the UN Conference for Environment and Development, said August 23 in Geneva, according to the UN Inter Press Service that 'We have the old pattern of the North imposing the system and the South having to accept. Non-government organizations are saying that the North has hijacked the agenda, and they are right...They are prepared to let people die but not forests.'

The Malaysian Sunday Times editorial of August 16 said, 'Environmentalists make so much of their noble mission in protecting the Environment which sustains all of us...They do not credit Malaysians with much intelligence, with a similar concern for the health of the land and themselves. Shades of precious fin de siecle romanticism; visions of the noble savage stalking big game in arboreal groves, in grunting communion with the voices of the land. The same kind of romantic claptrap that got natives all over the world sold down the river into slavery, decimated by small pox and clap, driven from their land into alcoholism and hopeless helplessness.

"Malaysia has had its fill of cultural and intellectual domination..."

The Brazilian Journal de Commercio on August 19 reported that Brazilian Foreign Minister Francisco Rezek said that is was 'hypocritical to campaign to preserve flora and fauna.. If the human race becomes extinct, there won't be any sense in preserving an exuberant flora or fauna on this planet.'

Brazil's chief of staff of the Amazon military command, General Thaumaturgo Sotoero Vaz, stated in an interview in the August 28 Folha de Sao Paulo, that the nations' armed forces will not permit Eco-92 resolutions restricting Razi's sovereignty over the amazon or creating 'Indian nations' within the region. The general did not rule out the possibility that Brazil could be subjected to 'something similar to what happened in the Persian Gulf,' and declared that persons like Francois Mitterrand and Ted Kennedy would not be permitted to order reductions in or elimination of Brazil's armed forces. Sotero Vaz said, 'If those idiots try to come in here, we're going to give it to them and (treat them) like guerrillas....' The governor of the Amazon, Gilberto Mestrinho, stated September 8, 'The generals' position is the product of looking at reality.'

The president of the Industrial Federation of the Brazilian state of Para in the Amazon region, Fernando Flexa Ribiero, was quoted by the press September 14 as stating that environmentalists want to make the Amazon 'a sterile preservation.' He said Eco-92 could 'promote colonialist practices.'

The Brazilian daily Tribuna de Impresa quoted Joann Grossi, a spokesperson for the U.S. Agency for International Development, as saying that sterilization is the family planning 'method preferred by President George Bush to increase the effectiveness of birth control in the Third World.'

The Italian Catholic weekly Il Sabato published a September 14 article by professor Franco Cardini stating: "It must be said with utmost clarity that the plans of the International Monetary Fund for the (former) USSR and the eastern countries are infamous...The European Community is in the position to supply not only suggestions, but also capital and technological structures, but all this obstructs the plans of the New World Order, which is strictly hooked to the United States, the country that remains (have we forgotten?) the most indebted country in the world, and is facing a crisis of production exemplified by the crashes of the stock market and the big banks. It is this new frontier that re-emerging liberalists would like to propose to the former Soviet Union...' The article has been much discussed in Poland, as the first frontal criticism of the International Monetary Fund and the free-market model from this quarter.

India's delegate at the Geneva UNCED negotiations told the Earth Charter organizers, with the support of negotiators from China, the Philippines, Chile, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Malaysia, that 'we are not here as supplicants, and we have not come for aid,' but 'compensatory financial flows' to underdeveloped nations are required, according to the September 13 Indain press. The delegate, Chandrashekar Dasgupta, also strongly opposed plans to bring environmental matters under the UN Security Council, and insisted that 'development' be put center stage instead of bracketed nest to the environment. He told newsmen that both India and China will have to be satisfied on these questions before they attend the Rio summit, declaring that without the assent of India and China, no charter will be worth the paper it is written on.

At the Non-alighed foreign ministers' meeting in Ghana, India's external affairs, Madhavsinyh Solanke, called September 11 for a comprehensive and integrated strategy on debt and a development consensus for this decade. The African group at the conference sponsored an urgent call for an international conference on debvt.

The UN conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD ) issued its annual report September 16, declaring, according to BBC, that the liberal free market is not an appropriate model for the developing nations. Finance should serve industry, not the other way around, and government has a key role to play in certain sectors of the economy. Directed credit for special projects is sometimes necessary. Developing nations should look to Germany and Japan rather than the US and Britain as examples. The report deplores the tendency to introduce and 'Anglo-Saxon' banking system into developing countries.


An official of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said September 10 that the Geneva UNCED results were 'absolutely a serious setback. There will be no convention on forests by June 1992 for Brazil. Nobody wants to say it publicly, but the forests convention is finished. The situation has reached a deadlock. This is the first casualty for the UNCED process. Increasingly, we heard the statements of Mahathir, and these can be serious. We hope it is just a tactic to precipitate new negotiations, but it has the potential to set the ball rolling and cause other countries besides Malaysia to withdraw. It is a very difficult situation.'

A senior advisor on ecological affairs to Britain's Prince Philip said September 15 that Eco-92 organizer Maurice Strong has 'over-politicized' the issue of environmentalism and had raised 'ridiculously messianic expectations' for the Earth summit. 'Strong is mis-focusing attention away from a clear and present danger confronting the entire ecology movement: The general shift in paradigm toward favoring economic growth, in the former communist nations...We should be avoiding too much overt politicking. We should concentrate on change-of-awareness models, and attack the under lying ethical-moral considerations that motivate people. Eastern Europe and the soviet Union, that is our biggest challenge. We will have a major problem if they try to achieve the level of economic growth of the advanced Western nations. This is potentially one of our biggest challenges, and Prince Philip is getting more and more involved in dealing with it.

'Strong is somebody who spent too much time at his wife's New Age center, it obviously touched his mind. It all reminds me of the so-called Millerites of the 19th century, who predicted that the world would come to an end at some point in 1844, so they all went into the mountains to prepare. The world didn't come to an end, and the Millerites became the Jehovah's Witnesses. That is what I see happening with the Earth Summit. Just listen to Strong talk about 'the most significant event in human history ever,' and 'the last chance to save the planet. 'What could be more ridiculous, and guaranteed to create a mess? We see the backlash already, in the reactions of various Third World countries.'


In the fact of mounting opposition from Third World elements, certain forces in the Eastern European and Russian regions, and by the Vatican, and certain weak-kneed response within the ecology effort, what really is the purpose of traipsing around America to convince a handful of farmers, unionists, local officials, churchmen, and university environmentalists of the necessity of the Earth Charter? If one truly wished to convert the the American public, would it not be necessary to say fully, openly and explicitly what must be done? And that it must be done now?

Do you really imagine that parading some Third Worlders before 'hearing' conducted by local celebrities, the Third World will simply quiet down, or that the American press coverage of these events will overwhelm this opposition?

Will you take action now that President Bush has the political momentum or wait until you must convince America to fight a hundred Vietnams simultaneously? This is the time to save the Anglo-Saxon race and it most glorious production: the Anglo-Saxon system of banking, insurance and trade.

We are the living sponsors of the great Cecil Rhodes will of 1877, in which Rhodes devoted his fortune to: 'the extension of British rule throughout the world...the colonization by British subjects of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the islands of the pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain the whole of the Malay archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire...'

We stand with Lord Milner's Credo. We too are 'British Race patriots' and our patriotism is 'the speech, the tradition, the principles, the aspirations of the British Race.' Do you fear to take this stand at the very last moment when this purpose can be realized? Do you not see that failure now is to be pulled down by the billions of Lilliputians of lesser race who care little or nothing for the Anglo-Saxon system?


A. The Security Council of the UN led by the Anglo-Saxon major Nation powers, will decree that henceforth, the Security Council will inform all nations that its sufferance on population has ended, that all nations have quotas for reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food an medicine, or by military force, when required.

B. The security Council of the UN will inform all nations that outmoded notions of national sovereignty will be discarded and that the Security Council has complete legal, military, and economic jurisdiction in any region in the world and that this will be enforced by the Major Nations of the Security Council

C. The security Council of the UN will take possession of all natural resources, including the watersheds and great forests, to be used and preserved for the good of the Major nations of the Security Council.

D. The Security Council of the UN will explain that not all races and peoples are equal, nor should they be. Those races proven superior by superior achievements ought to rule the lesser races, caring for them on sufferance that they cooperate with the Security Council. Decision-making, including banking, trade, currency rates, and economic development plans, will be made in stewardship by the Major Nations.

E. All of the above constitute the New World Order, in which Order, all nations, regions and races will cooperate with the decisions of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that action delayed could well be fatal. All could be lost if mere opposition by minor races is tolerated and the unfortunate vacillations or our closest comrades is cause for our hesitations. Open declaration of intent followed by decisive force is the final solution. This must be done before any shock hits our financial markets, tarnishing our credibility and perhaps diminishing our force.


The Story of the Committee of 300

by Dr. John Coleman




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Lena From Palasteena

In the Bronx of New York City Lived a girl, she's not so pretty Lena is her name. Such a clever girl is Lena How she played her concertina Really, it's a shame. She's such a good musician She got a swell position To go across the sea to entertain. And so they shipped poor Lena Way out to Palesteena From what they tell me, she don't look the same. They say that Lena is the Queen o' Palesteena Just because she plays the concertina. She only knows one song, She plays it all day long Sometimes she plays it wrong, But still they love it What more of it I heard her play once or twice. Oh! Murder! Still, it was nice. All the girls, they dress like Lena Some wear oatmeal, some Farina Down old Palesteena way. Lena's girlfriend Arabella Let her meet an Arab fella Who she thought was grand. On a camel's back a-swaying You could hear Miss Lena playing Over the desert sand. She didn't know the new ones All she knew were blue ones And Yusef sat and listened all day long (or: Till Yusef sat and listened in his tent) And as he tried to kiss her You heard that Arab whisper, "Oh Lena, how I love to hear your song!" (or: "Oh Lena, how I love your instrument!") They say that Lena is the Queen o' Palesteena 'Cause she shakes a wicked concertina. She plays it day and night She plays with all her might She never gets it right, You think it's funny, Gets her money. There's nothin' sounds like it should. So rotten, it's really good. While the Arabs danced so gaily She would practice aily-aily Down old Palesteena way. Lena, she's the Queen o' Palesteena Goodness, how they love her concertina. Each movement of her wrist Just makes them shake and twist They simply can't resist How they love it Want more of it. When she squeeks That squeeze-box stuff All those sheiks Just can't get enough. She got fat as he got Lena Pushing on her concertina Down old Palesteena way.

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Why Is Moby's Last Name Dick?

"The White Whale swam before him as the monomaniac incarnation of all those malicious agencies which some deep men feel eating them, till they are left living on with half a heart and half a lung.

That intangible malignity which has been from the beginning, to whose dominion even the modern Christians ascribe one-half of the worlds; which the ancient Ophites of the east reverenced in the statue devil;--Ahab did not fall down and worship it like them; but deliriously tranferring its idea to the abhorred white whale, he pitted himself, all mutilated against it.

All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick.

He piled upon the whale's white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and, then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart's shell upon it"

- Herman Melville - Moby-Dick, Chapter 41

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All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks. But in each event -- in the living act, the undoubted deed -- there, some unknown but still reasoning thing puts forth the mouldings of its feature from behind the unreasoning mask. If man will strike, strike through the mask!

-- Captain Ahab -- Moby Dick -- Herman Melville, 1851

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Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

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Thanks 4 Tha Vizual


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The Builder

The Builder was "a journal for the Masonic student" published by the National Masonic Research Society, 1915 - 1930.

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Quotations to inspire and challenge.

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Our five senses are very limited. We see only 1% of what is really going on, and that 1% is illusion. What we know with our five senses looks so confusing and chaotic. Why do bad things happen? Why me? Why, Why, Why??? All that is visible appears to not make any sense. We see hate, war, judgment, resentment, sickness, destruction, addiction and darkness. How can a loving God create all this tragedy? * The etheric body can leave the physical, but when it does, I don't think it goes any great distance. I think its role is a "life energy" body. When the body goes to sleep, the etheric expands, the chakras open, and we receive energy and restore our depleted supply. This is why it is also referred to as the vitality sheath or health body. When I'm tired and drained, I can lay down for half an hour, enter a trance like state and wake up feeling totally refreshed. This is not the projection of the astral body, but a charging of the etheric. If the etheric projected a great deal, our bodies would feel drained, not refreshed, upon return. When I astral project, my etheric is doing its job of replenishing my body, and when I come back, I am refreshed. The two are independent. When people experience "duality" aka mind splitting (where the consciousness resides at two locations) I believe one part of the consciousness is in the etheric and another one is in the astral. There are also a lot of discrepancies on the silver cord. I personally have never seen this cord (but I haven't really looked for it either). Is has been suggested that the cord is related to etheric projection, not astral. If the cord was associated with just astral projection, then we would see it every time we astrally projected. I remember once leaving my body and out of curiosity I looked back towards my physical body. I saw a body, but it was in a totally different position than my physical! It was the etheric body that I was seeing. In the astral, we see the astral counterparts of the physical, but I think we can also see our etheric shell (this explains why I saw the etheric body, and not the physical). On several occasions, during meditation, I have been able to see the ceiling through my physical eyelids. This is also not astral projection. People who are sickly have reported more OBEs. I think this is because the etheric is weak and the astral is able to separate more easily. Both our physical and etheric bodies are magnetic in nature and influence the pull of the astral. When objects are moved, I think it is more from the influence of the etheric body, rather than the astral which does not share the same vibrations as objects in the physical. The etheric is of a higher vibration than the physical, but lower than the astral. The astral body is aligned with the physical and is of a lower vibration when it is attached. To unattach, the frequencies must be raised. The astral body can transcend various levels in the astral plane. It reacts to thoughts and can see the astral counterpart of the physical world. It cannot affect physical objects because they do not share the same vibrations. The astral body can transcend time and space. There is a feeling of separation when consciously projecting from the body. Rushing, vibrating, roaring, crackling and popping (to name a few). When in the astral, our filter is removed and we are able to see, hear and feel more. The mental body is where remote viewing happens. When you achieve bi -location during remote viewing, there is no feeling of separation as with astral projection. There is also no visual distortion as there sometimes is with astral projection (depending on where you are at on the astral plane). My first "projection" was a mental one. I went straight from the physical to the mental body which explains why there were no vibrations. I just involuntarily "popped" out and was several blocks away. I also think the mental body is often independent of our physical one. Unlike astral projection, when I separate, I detach from the body and travel accordingly. In the mental, you just show up somewhere and have done nothing to travel there. The mental body does not contain the thought "junk" of the astral. You may be able to see partial thoughts formed in the astral (as in a partially built ship), but not in the mental. When I wake up in the mental, I am usually nowhere near my body and have no sensation of a body of any kind. I once "woke up" in the mental and I had no way to determine where I was. It was pitch black, I had no ears, no eyes, no body. It was a void that I remained in until a sudden return to the physical. It was a pure state of 'being'. The mental body also transcends time and space. Advanced remote viewers, using their mental body, communicate telepathically. The causal body is where past life memories are stored. This plane is one up from the astral. When we die, we enter the astral and eventually experience a second death (the astral body diminishes) and we enter the causal plane where we then remember our past lives and can then make decisions for our next. In an apparently chaotic world filled with inequity and perceptions of disconnectedness, it's not unusual to experience ourselves as separate beings, longing for union with God. A sense of stability and consistency, although highly prized, is sometimes difficult to find. For the unconditional love we all crave, we can look toward the constant tremendous force of the Sun and the method it has evolved to feed every life in its reach. A beautiful tapestry unfolds as we study the distribution of light and heat, the very life-force from the fiery heart of our Sun, to all units of life. Entire devic kingdoms are employed to achieve this end, their one goal to spread the love and life of the Sun to all living things. (Devas experience a parallel evolution to humanity that fulfills their evolutionary task by literally energizing all living forms.) Varying degrees of these angelic beings (another name for these entities) are needed for the highly specialized work they perform—certain devas inform and energize only plant life, whereas others only work with animals, humans, minerals, etc. For certain devas the path of service lies in guarding the individuals of the human family; others act as protectors of the sacred spots of the earth. Still others preside over the atmosphere and control the streams, rivers, and seas. Any time we perceive life, we see the devas at work ... transmitting the energy from the sun (prana) to all life forms. The etheric body is the mechanism through which they work and has been described as a network of fine energy strands permeated with fire, or as a web animated with golden light. It is spoken of in the Bible as the "golden bowl." It is the gridwork that all forms are built upon, composed of fine interlacing strands of etheric material. These strands attract physical plane matter to them and interpenetrate with it, eventually molding the actual forms we see as life. Once the forms are built, the etheric body's function is to store up the rays of light and heat (prana) received from the sun and to transmit them, via the spleen, to all parts of the physical body. The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky speaks of prana as "the invisible and fiery lives which supply the microbes with vital constructive energy thus enabling them to build the physical cells. Every visible thing in the universe is built by such lives." Prana is best described as vitality, as the integrating energy that coordinates the molecules, cells, and cellular structures, and holds them together as a physical organism. It is the life-breath within the organism and a portion of the universal Life Force, appropriated by all organisms during their existence. Were it not for the presence of prana, there could be no physical body as an integral whole, working as an entity; without prana the body would be nothing more than a collection of individual cells. Prana links up and connects these into one complex whole, playing along the branches and meshes of the etheric web, that shimmering and golden web of inconceivable fineness and delicate beauty. All forms, whether a solar system, a human body, a plant, or a rock, are built from the archetype or "blueprint" of this energy field. Prana is not a product of terrestrial life—it comes from the Sun. In fact, all earth life, its plants and animals are its products. All things absorb prana in order to survive. This absorption is not, however, an isolated or one-time process. As a life form absorbs this life force to maximum capacity, the excess overflows from it in the form of radiation, which then feeds the next kingdom evolving in nature—which, after absorbing all it can, then spills the excess out to the next kingdom and so on and so on. In the nurturing of life is seen one vast system of energy transmission and of interdependence within that system. First, solar prana, that vital and magnetic fluid which radiates from the Sun, is transmitted to the planetary etheric body where it is collected by the earth's spleen center. (Although its location is not given out, it is the source of the myths that speak of a land of exceeding fertility, of abundant luxuriance and phenomenal growth of vegetables, animals, even humans. Stories of Scotland's Findhorn community come to mind, where enormous vegetables were grown in an experiment to consciously work with the devas or guides of that kingdom.) After the planet assimilates what is required, the excess is given off as surface radiation, the heat the earth gives off after nightfall. Solar prana is now colored by the planetary quality and is absorbed by all evolutions found within its life. *The Jews call them Shedim. The Egyptians called them Afries. Africans named them Yowahoos. Persians called them Devs.* Humans receive prana from both the Sun and the planet, but never directly from the Sun—its intensity is harmful to matter and must be filtered through an intermediary. Etheric bodies of humans receive solar prana via the agency of certain deva entities of a very high order, and of a golden hue. The prana passes through their bodies and is emitted as powerful radiations, which in turn descend directly into certain centers in the human etheric body correlating to the head and shoulders, and eventually pass into the physical organ of the spleen. After distribution over the entire body through the etheric network, it demonstrates in surface radiation as the health aura. Again, the physical radiations humans give off differ according to the quality of their physical bodies. Planetary prana is safely absorbed through the pores of the skin as the destructive fire of the sun has been diminished by passing through the filter of the earth. Next in line to receive the gift of life force is the animal kingdom and again, devas intervene, absorbing the excess prana from the human kingdom, before passing it on to the animal world. After the animals assimilate all that they can, their radiation is transmitted through another group of devic lives to the vegetable kingdom, which then overflows to the mineral kingdom. The beauty and perfection of this process is apparent—all things receive in order to give and to pass on to that which is lesser or not so evolved. *Elementals can be related to "nature spirits". These are the spirits that govern all nature, the forces of life that may be summoned to assist in working magick. It's important therefore to understand who they are and what they represent. Earth spirits are known as Gnomes, Air spirits as Sylphs, Fire spirits as Salamanders, and Water spirits are called Undines.* Does this process begin and end with the Sun? No—our Sun, like all life forms, receives prana too, though from a source outside the Solar System. Recent scientific discoveries about the directional flow of magnetic field lines in our galactic arm collaborate with ancient metaphysical teachings that name the star system Sirius as the source of prana to our Sun and its worlds. The close relationship between all the evolutions of nature becomes evident, from the celestial sun to the humblest violet ... all linked together by the deva evolution which acts as the transmitting transmuting force throughout the system. As the intricate interrelation between the sun and the planets, between the planets and the evolving lives upon them, and between the lives themselves in ever descending importance, is more clearly understood, the exquisite interdependence of all existence is revealed. In taking on density, energy takes on, or descends into, the seven degrees or planes. Man exemplifies three. He has his physical body, his emotional mechanism and his mind-body, and consequently functions on three planes, or is awake on three, the physical, the emotional and the mental. He is on the threshold of the recognition of a fourth and higher factor, the Soul, or Self, and will next awaken to that realization. In addition to seven planes, each plane has seven subplanes. Three subplanes of the physical are commonly known, - the solid, liquid and gaseous, for example, ice, water and steam. In addition there are four subtler planes, or rather four different types of ether. These four are coexistent with each of the three well known subplanes, and interpenetrate them. The physical body of man is no exception. It, too, has its etheric counterpart, its etheric body. This is positive, while the dense physical body is negative. The etheric body is the cohesive factor, and maintains the physical body in life and being. The etheric counterpart, whether of man or of any physical thing, is of the universal substance, of universal life, and of universal energy. It partakes of all of these. But it is not self-sufficient or independently existing. It draws upon the reservoir of universal energy, and in it the etheric counterpart lives and moves and has its being. Energy is thus functioning through the etheric. This is true of man also. The universal energy functions through his etheric body. And as man exists on seven planes, so the etheric body has seven points of contact with energy, - but as only three planes are active, and four dormant, so only three force centers are fully developed and four as yet undeveloped. In harmonizing the two schools, the question naturally arises, does Western Science corroborate this theory? Sir Isaac Newton accepts the universal medium of ether without question. In the last paragraph of his Principia, he says: "And now we might add something concerning a certain most subtle spirit which pervades and lies hid in all gross bodies; by the force and action of which spirit the particles of bodies mutually attract one another at near distances, and cohere if contiguous; and electric bodies operate to greater distances, as well repelling as attracting the neighboring corpuscles; and light is emitted, reflected, refracted, inflected, and heats bodies; and all sensation is excited, and the members of animal bodies move at the command of the will, namely by the vibrations of this spirit, mutually propagated along the solid firmaments of the nerves, from the outward organs of sense to the brain, and from the brain into the muscles. But these are things that cannot be explained in few words, nor are we furnished with that sufficiency of experiments which is required to an accurate determination and demonstration of the laws by which this electric and elastic spirit operates." The same level of experience found in the universe as a whole can be found within the human Soul as well. The same levels of "Being-ness", the same divine Hierarchies found in the "immaterial" etheric, astral and higher planes of the universe as a whole can be found within the human Soul as well. This realization of being a "MIRROR" of the Macrocosm is central to unfold the mystical process. This whole process circles around the magnetic axial pole of pure Being. The principle of macrocosm and microcosm, which represents this mirroring of levels is the foundation of all the spiritual and metaphysical traditions. From the formation of stars, to the collapses of galaxies, from our humble meditation practices, to world affairs... Everything in the universe affects and resonates with everything else. In the same manner, our own spiritual practice and level of consciousness affect and resonate in all the Planes of existence in the universe... This is also a reminder that, however strange the universe may seem to us, we and it share one nature and one life. The individual human being, then, is understood in mystical terms as a reflection of the whole universe, and the same levels we have traced in the universe as a whole can be traced in the Soul as well. This is another way of repeating what we have previously said, that our own level of consciousness projects outwardly the way we "see" and understand reality. The universe and the spiritual Hierarchy are mirrored in us through many subtle bodies. We have, the biological or physical body - the etheric body, which is made of ether or life-energy - the astral body, which is the body of concrete consciousness shaped by the psyche (thoughts, feelings) - the mental body, which is the body of abstract consciousness perceived by pure awareness, which opens on realms of experience not bounded by space and time; and the spiritual or causal body named also the Light body, which is the root of consciousness and the inner­most essence of the Soul. As with the levels of the macrocosm, each body can be seen as governing the body "below" it — that is, denser or more material than itself; thus, for example, the astral body is shaped and directed by the mental body, and in turn shapes and directs the etheric body. Each of these parts of the Soul has its own nature and functions, and its own role in the awakening process. The physical body, for its part, is the body known to medical and biological science. It serves as the material foundation and instrument of the other parts of the Soul, enabling the Soul to perceive and act in the realm of material experience. Traditional lore assigns each of its parts to one or another part of spiritual symbolism; thus, for instance, each of the five fingers is assigned to one of the five elements. The etheric body is usually divided, for clarity, into two parts. The first of these is the etheric double; this closely resembles the ordinary body of matter, extending out perhaps an inch beyond the surface of the skin, and provides the framework of subtle formative energies on which the material body is built. It contains a series of channels (the meridians of Oriental medicine) and energy centers, which have an important role in mystical work. The second part of the etheric body is called the aura or, in another context, the Sphere of Sensation. This is a roughly egg-shaped field of energies surrounding the etheric double, extending out several feet from the physical body. It serves as the interface between the etheric body of the individual and that of the cosmos, and all the forces of the universe are reflected on its surface. The astral body cannot be so easily mapped out in this kind of spatial language. A body of consciousness, it comes closer to the modem idea of "mind" than to that of "body," although neither of these too-rigid categories fits well anywhere in the mystical view of the Soul. The astral body can be thought of as a field of energy occupying roughly the same space as the aura, but constantly shaped and reshaped by patterns of thought and feeling. All images, words, and sensations affect this body, and are affected by it in turn; it interacts freely with the astral level of the cosmos, and with the astral bodies of other human and non-human beings. It contains most of those parts of the self we normally think of as "mental" or "inner"— intellect, emotion, imagination, will, and memory, the instruments of concrete consciousness — and it is also the basis for the individual personality. The mental body can be thought of as the essential pattern of the Soul. It can be described as a subtle "body" only in a highly metaphorical sense, and cannot be located in a spatial sense at all. This body is the instrument of abstract consciousness — that is, thought that does not involve forms and images of the sort we perceive with our senses — and thus makes it possible to perceive the core ideas or structures of experience, which exist outside of space and time. The Spiritual body, or Causal body finally, is the root of the Soul, the essence or "divine spark" around which all the other layers of the Soul are built up; it represents the point of contact between the human microcosm and that unity of Being that, in theological terms, we may as well call the unknown God. It can best be imagined as pure Being, without any other definition or quality. In practicing mysticism, each of these levels of the Soul comes into play in one way or another in one's life, and specific aspects of these levels provide the principal tools by which the powers of the macrocosm are directed through the Soul (Permanent Witness) and resonate in the subtle bodies of man. A seeker's "role" is to become a pure vehicle, open to receive these high impulses and magnetically resonate with them. These impulses manifest in the bodies certain spiritual qualities, which are inner states of realization. In order to make sense of this very abstract material, it is necessary to get a clearer sense of the mystical and magical understanding of what is meant by the hidden potential qualities of the Soul. These qualities are inner states of consciousness that the Soul unveils gradually to the consciousness of a seeker. These inner states appear during dreaming, meditation, or at any appropriate moment in a seeker's life. They make a "rupture" in time - opening a gap to allow a higher level of resonance to impregnate the astral and etheric bodies of the seeker. Each one of these Soul potential qualities vibrates and resonates in all the various subtle bodies of man. The result of this resonance within all the subtle bodies reveals something too complex and beautiful to explain... One has to experience them to understand what happens...It is linked to the intangible Presence of "I"... As we consider the different bodies and levels of the Soul and understand that their awakening process depends on our need to purify the psyche (etheric and astral bodies) then, the spiritual purification and transformation process unfold and we increasingly come closer to manifest whatever is engrained and inherent in our spiritual “blueprint” – the karmic plan which the Soul (Permanent Witness) has prepared for a given incarnation. The quest of how to unfold the inner process is given to you on this website - It is explained through my personal experiences... My only wish is to help you find your own way... as each seeker is a path to himself...The only most important thing to understand is that we all resonate to different rates of vibrations... What we must learn to do is to resonate with the pure part of our psyche - the part that is open to the impulses coming from the Soul, so that the resonance of the Higher impulses are felt and manifested in the lower astral, etheric and physical bodies as well. These divine operations are karmic "gifts" that are given to awake our subtle bodies and receive sublime initiations. That which is Above, is as that which is Below That which is Below, is as that which is Above to perform the miracle of the One BEING The physical body displays emotions that the mind has hidden. The physical body door represents our first and second dimensional self, which is our physical "animal" body, and all the cells, minerals, genetic programming that make up that body. The first and second dimensions are of a lower vibration than our third dimensional form and are therefore usually a part of our unconscious reality. The memory is still vivid in my Consciousness. The first knowingness of my Soul. I was standing at the edge of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. It was New Year's Eve Day thirteen years ago. I was reviewing energies of the old year, preparing for the year to come. Then….a feeling of deep joy overcame me. It was a feeling of expansiveness rushing through me. Oh, the grandeur of this feeling! It was a feeling of being greater than my little self. It was a feeling of connection with the universe. I was able to hold onto it for only a moment. But, having experienced it once, I knew I wanted to feel it again…to hold onto it forever. Such began my Awakening to the awareness of Love's presence within me, the awareness of my Soul. *You form the fabric of your experience through your own beliefs and expectations. These personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality will affect your thoughts and emotions. You take your beliefs about reality as truth, and often do not question them. They seem self-explanatory. They appear in your minds as statements of fact, far too obvious for examination. Therefore they are accepted without question too often. They are not recognized as beliefs ABOUT reality, but instead considered characteristics of reality itself. Frequently such ideas appear indisputable, so a part of you that it does not occur to you to speculate about their validity. They become invisible assumptions, but they nevertheless color and form your personal experience.* The outer experience is simply a reflection of the inner. The creative process unfolds continually, infinitely, constantly. You cannot miss it. It's going to happen whether you pay attention or not. So the question becomes: how do you create the inner experience with the most harmony and ingredients of joy or the ingredients you seek in the outer? The answer is, you train your attention away from the outer long enough to perceive how the inner process works. Once you have perceived how the inner process works, that is, you have lined up the details of the inner mechanisms: thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, tendencies, influences, choices, then you are free to go back and watch the outer reflect the new understanding. *It is not that you live in life focused only on the inner, you could do that without a life, or a physical manifestation of life. The objective here is to live in life in the outer, from the inner. Which, if you understand, you do every time you open your eyes. All the sense perceptions you receive are your creation. * *For example, this table we see is real. Just as you and I are real. And if you attempt to raise your leg through the table, you will encounter its reality. And this is a place of confusion for many of you. But remember, we are not asking you to deny what is, just to recognize its source. This table is here with you precisely because you chose it to be. And the further you go on this path of understanding, the more flexible and fluid physical matter will become. But this is not a change in physical matter. But a change in your ability to perceive and focus.* *The most difficult challenges come when you confront those areas which you still regard as real and outside of yourself. And this is why the particular challenge of creating money via conscious creation is such a worthy one because it is the thing within the culture that is seen as most real and most outside the self. And in another way it is the most within your control because it is an idea. You see this when you look at it from a global perspective more clearly because the idea of money changes from culture to culture. The actual physical representation looks different and is different, and yet its cardinal truth remains the same. You could say it is the physical representation of supply. But do not place too much emphasis on the meaning or implication of what it represents. It would be far better to reduce the contrast between money and all other physical objects, including your body, the earth, sky, and understand it as just another form of the camouflage. In this way you regain your power returning the displaced power you put on the idea of money and putting it back on the self where it belongs.* Say to someone, "Tell me about yourself," and what you are most likely to get is a description of their body, their job, perhaps their hobbies, likes and dislikes. But is this who we really are? All of these descriptions are about something outside, something other than the true Self. We have become so distracted by the world and its many facets that we forget, or rather choose not to look at who we really are. The best way to begin this is by defining what we are not!! We are not a body. We are not a job. We are not an illness. We are not a socio-economic status. We are not a parent or child. We are not a skin color. We are not an ethnicity. We are not a religion. We are not even our beliefs. All of these things describe something outside the Self. But if none of these things truly describe us, how do we find who we are? We regularly hear from people asking for insight into what is happening, what is really going on. The things that used to work aren’t working anymore and they feel lost. Am I going crazy? What do I do now? Don’t worry you aren’t crazy, and the universe hasn’t abandoned you. You are just making a shift to a new level of the Game. At this new level you need a new understanding and new eyes to see the game. A new rule book, so to speak. I will first explain this change in the way of a metaphor called, “The Video Game of Life” then I will give you more details to understand what is happening, where you are, and how to function on this new Tier of the game. When you fully move to the next level of the game, you will once again experience synchronicity, prosperity, and inner peace in your life. Imagine life as a spiritual video game. You begin on level one. On level one there are good guys and bad guys. You shout and yell at the bad guys and they go away. You say things like, “God is in control of my life and evil must leave.” On this level everything is very black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. You see the duality and it is ‘real’ to you. You are a victim of your circumstances, the victim of chaos. Level one’s motto is: “I am nothing and God is everything.” Here you fear God, as a matter of fact, you fear many things on this level. Many religious people live on this level and it appears to work for them. On this level, you believe and accept all that you have been taught. Then, you Awaken! One day, you are reminded of who you are and you move to level two. On level two the pendulum must swing the other way. Many of you reject religion all together. Level two’s motto is: “I am everything. I am God!” Things still look black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, yet there is a little more gray. On this level, you question things you were taught. Now you say, “I am in control of my life and evil must leave.” You believe that you create it all, you are no longer a victim. You are in charge of your life and make order out of the chaos. You begin to ‘Intend’ everything from money to love to a front row parking place, and it works! You begin learning that your thoughts are things. You realize your power. You study everything you can get your hands on. This is an amazing time in your awakening process. Then, you Awaken! Then you move to level three of the video game. On level three everything you did on levels one and two doesn’t work anymore. The rules are very different here. Your affirmations and intentions don’t work anymore. This is a confusing place to be. You feel lost. You no longer see things as black and white. The whole world begins to look gray. Your judgments about yourself and others are disappearing more and more. You are realizing that it is not just about you anymore. The motto on this level is: “I am the Co-Creator of my universe.” You understand that there is a bigger picture than you ever thought. You begin to see that the only way to move through this level is with your Heart. You cannot think yourself through this level, you must Love your way through. You are beginning to practice being in the Now moment. You see past the chaos. The chaos is becoming smaller and less important. Then, you Awaken! On level four you are in the Now moment and the doorway to full divinity opens up. You are no longer searching or doing. You are just BEING. You are in the World but not of the World. You see life for the illusion that it is. You see the divine comedy. You are a true Master. You understand that all is a paradox. BEING is everything and you are BEING. You are truly fully human and fully divine. The divine human walking on the Earth. You know that, “I am God, and I am nothing without God.” It is like you are in a bubble of love and peace no matter what is happening outside of you. You see the connection of all things. You remember that you are still at HOME. You see that everything on earth is the mirror reflection of truth. You recognize all of the hints that you left for yourselves, by yourselves, to assist you in waking up. Remember the saying, “As above so below,” it’s true in more ways than you ever realized. You now have Heaven on Earth, within yourself. Chaos is still happening around you and you now are at peace. True inner joy and inner peace. Posted by: Anonymous at July 14, 2005 01:58 AM 1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense changes at your Spiritual DNA level as the "Divine seed" awakens within. This too shall pass. 2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This too shall pass. 3. Crying for no apparent reason. Similar to #2 above. It’s good and healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release the old energy within. This too shall pass. 4. Sudden change in job or career. A very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change as well. Don’t worry about finding the "perfect" job or career right now. This too shall pass. You’re in transition and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that fits your passion. 5. Withdrawal from family relationships. You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old relationships are released. It will appear as though you are drifting away from your family and friends. This too shall pass. After a period of time, you may develop a new relationship with them if it is appropriate. However, the relationship will be based in a new energy without the karmic attachments. 6. Unusual sleep patterns. It’s likely that you’ll awaken many nights between 2:00 – 4:00 AM. There’s a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to wake up for a "breather." Not to worry. If you can’t go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lay in bed and worry about humanly things. This too shall pass. 7. Intense dreams. These might include war and battle dreams, chase dreams or monster dreams. You are literally releasing the old energy within, and these energies of the past are often symbolized as wars, running to escape and boogiemen. This too shall pass. 8. Physical disorientation. At times you’ll feel very ungrounded. You’ll be "spatially challenged" with the feeling like you can’t put two feet on the ground, or that you’re walking between two worlds. As your consciousness transitions into the new energy, you body sometimes lags behind. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy within. This too shall pass. 9. Increased "self talk." You’ll find yourself talking to your Self more often. You’ll suddenly realize you’ve been chattering away with yourself for the past 30 minutes. There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and you’re experiencing the tip of the iceberg with the self talk. The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful. You’re not going crazy, you’re just Shaumbra (Lightworkers) moving into the new energy. 10. Feelings of loneliness, even when in the company of others. You may feel alone and removed from others. You may feel the desire to "flee" groups and crowds. As Shaumbra (Lightworkers), you are walking a sacred and lonely path. As much as the feelings of loneliness cause you anxiety, it is difficult to relate to others at this time. The feelings of loneliness are also associated with the fact that your Guides have departed. They have been with you on all of your journeys in all of your lifetimes. It was time for them to back away so you could fill your space with your own divinity. This too shall pass. The void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own True Divinity. 11. Loss of passion. You may feel totally disimpassioned, with little or no desire to do anything. That’s OK, and it’s just part of the process. Take this time to "do no-thing." Don’t fight yourself on this, because this too shall pass. It’s similar to rebooting a computer. You need to shut down for a brief period of time in order to load the sophisticated new software, or in this case, the Divine- Self energy. 12. A deep longing to go Home. This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of any of the conditions. You may experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return to Home. This is not a "suicidal" feeling. It is not based in anger or frustration. You don’t want to make a big deal of it or cause drama for yourself or other. There is a quiet part of you that wants to go Home. The root cause for this is quite simple. You have completed your karmic cycles. You have completed your contract for this lifetime. You are ready to begin a new lifetime while still in this physical body. During this transition process, you have an inner remembrances of what it is like to be on the other side. Are you ready to enlist for another tour of duty here on Earth? Are you ready to take on the challenges of moving into the New Energy? Yes, indeed you could go Home right now. But you’ve come this far, and after many, many lifetimes it would be a shame to leave before the end of the movie. Besides, Spirit needs you here to help others transition into this new energy. They will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken the journey from the old energy into the new. The path you’re walking right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a Teacher of the New Divine Human. As lonely and dark as your journey can be at times, remember that you are never alone. *

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