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Hot Library Smut

[I have seen this book in person & the nonist is correct, if you love books, the large, glossy photos are breathtaking] From: The Nonist Red-Hot and Filthy Library Smut Now, coming upon this post as you are, unawares, I feel I ought to clarify the title (which was alternately going to be sex libris) straight away by telling you what this post is not, in fact, about. By “library smut” I am in no way referring to the photo books on native peoples, or the illustrated health manuals, or any of the other volumes which, in your childhood, you lurked about the library aisle to find with the sole purpose of sneaking guilty glances at naked bodies. Nor am I referring to the “risqué” novels by Miller, Cleland, Réage, or Lawrence you leafed impatiently through as a teenager. No. What I’m talking about here is the full-frontal objectification of the library itself. Oh yeah. Yesterday I came across a truly gorgeous book of photographs by Candida Höfer titled, Libraries, a title which pretty much says it all, because that is just exactly what it is, one rich, sumptuous, photo of a library interior after another. It’s like porn for book nerds. Seriously. They are gorgeous photos, nearly all without visitors and just begging to be entered. (ha. sorry.) See below for 14 examples which I particularly liked, but keep in mind these 500px wide version can’t really compete with the big, glossy, real thing. ...
Trinity College Library, Dublin

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Philip Hallawell, Artist from Brazil

Philip Hallawell is a master Brazilian artist who is also distinguished as an educator, writer, lecturer, and television personality. His works have been shown in Brazil, London, Spain, and the United States, in more than forty one-man shows, group exhibitions, and salons.

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California Seeks to Clear Hemp of a Bad Name

STRATFORD, Calif Charles Meyer’s politics are as steady and unswerving as the rows of pima cotton on his Central Valley farm. With his work-shirt blue eyes and flinty Clint Eastwood demeanor, he is staunchly in favor of the war in Iraq, against gun control and believes people unwilling to recite the Pledge of Allegiance should be kicked out of America, and fast. Domestic hemp production was promoted in World War II but later outlawed. Hemp twine was on sale this month at the 15th annual Hempfest in Seattle. But what gets him excited is the crop he sees as a potential windfall for California farmers: industrial hemp, or Cannabis sativa. The rapidly growing plant with a seemingly infinite variety of uses is against federal law to grow because of its association with its evil twin, marijuana. “Industrial hemp is a wholesome product,” said Mr. Meyer, 65, who says he has never worn tie-dye and professes a deep disdain for “dope.” “The fact we’re not growing it is asinine,” Mr. Meyer said. Things could change if a measure passed by legislators in Sacramento and now on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk becomes law. [The bill reached Mr. Schwarzenegger last week; he has 30 days to sign or veto it.] Seven states have passed bills supporting the farming of industrial hemp; their strategy has been to try to get permission from the Drug Enforcement Administration to proceed. But California is the first state that would directly challenge the federal ban, arguing that it does not need a D.E.A. permit, echoing the state’s longstanding fight with the federal authorities over its legalization of medicinal marijuana. The hemp bill would require farmers who grow it to undergo crop testing to ensure their variety of cannabis is nonhallucinogenic; its authors say it has been carefully worded to avoid conflicting with the federal Controlled Substances Act. But those efforts have not satisfied federal and state drug enforcement authorities, who argue that fields of industrial hemp would only serve as hiding places for illicit cannabis. The California Narcotic Officers Association opposes the bill, and a spokesman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy in Washington said the measure was unworkable. Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican running for re-election, has been mum on his intentions, with the political calculus of hemp in California difficult to decipher. The bill was the handiwork of two very different lawmakers, Assemblyman Mark Leno, a San Francisco Democrat best known for attempting to legalize same-sex marriage, and Assemblyman Charles S. DeVore, an Orange County Republican who worked in the Pentagon as a Reagan-era political appointee. Their bipartisan communion underscores a deeper shift in hemp culture that has evolved in recent years, from ragtag hempsters whose love of plants with seven leaves ran mostly to marijuana, to today’s savvy coalition of organic farmers and health-food entrepreneurs working to distance themselves from the drug. Hundreds of hemp products, including energy bars and cold-pressed hemp oil, are made in California, giving the banned plant a capitalist aura. But manufacturers must import the raw material, mostly from Canada, where hemp cultivation was legalized in 1998. The new hemp entrepreneurs regard it as a sustainable crop, said John Roulac, 47, a former campaigner against clear-cutting and a backyard composter before founding Nutiva, a growing California hemp-foods company. “They want to lump together all things cannabis,” said David Bronner, 33, whose family’s squeeze-bottle Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps, based in Escondido, Calif., are made with hemp oil. “You don’t associate a poppy seed bagel with opium.” The differences between hemp and its mind-altering cousin, however, can be horticulturally challenging to grasp. The main one is that the epidermal glands of marijuana secrete a resin of euphoria-inducing delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or T.H.C., a substance all but lacking in industrial hemp. Ernest Small, a Canadian researcher who co-wrote a major hemp study in 2002 for Purdue University, compared the genetic differences to those that separate racehorses from plow horses. Evolution, Mr. Small said, has almost completely bred T.H.C. out of industrial hemp, which by law must have a concentration of no more than three-tenths of 1 percent. To its supporters, industrial hemp is utopia in a crop. Prized not only for its healthful seeds and oils, rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, but also its fast, bamboo-like growth that shades out weeds, without pesticides. “Simply put, you create a jungle in one year,” said John LaBoyteaux, who testified in Sacramento on behalf of the California Certified Organic Farmers association. “There’s a growing market out there, and we can’t tap it.”

Velvet Rope of the Unicorn, by Cynthia Marie

* The porcelain flesh beneath my eye seduces me to a perilous despair. She resists, disrupts my desire with a frightening quality, I lace her with golden threads, weaving in and out of her. I reign her in by her unruly flaxen mane. My heart trembles for me as I place my lips to the hollow of her slim tender throat, pierce her vulnerability with my tongue mercilessly. I beg her to confess her secrets - She defiantly refuses. My hands have a mind of their own as I place her in shallow water, and lash her with my golden rope, gently...obsessively...wickedly Overcome by her supine form, I fall to my knees, revel in the pliancy of her as she becomes as zephyr...everywhere and nowhere..within me... the very air, I breathe her into my lungs, hold her there and exhale her back into life. My lover is all shimmery and golden in her exquisite pain that soon eclipses into pleasure. At last Manuela pours forth all her poetic mysteries, my ethereal porcelain nude whimpers my name, Oh... she inflames me with a thundering passion, I am assailed by a deep blue ocean love, unfathomable and breath-taking. I feel at once empowered and ashamed. My fire for Manuela burns and builds in me night after night, I must have her, and each time I capture her I add another ember to the fire. This is a desire that cannot ever be completely fulfilled, haunting my days and owning my nights, my existence only truly begins once I place my foot inside her canopied circle. Once Master, I am now now the yearning Slave. Destiny is Victorious. *

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Thanks for the heads up Dr Krofam Ruler of the MySpace Bulletins

[I realize this is too small to read, so click the link to see full graphic & text in the NYT, or save the image to your hard drive & make it larger to see]

California wetlands restored after 107 years

by Gillian Flaccus HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. The ocean flowed into historic wetlands yesterday for the first time in more than a century after bulldozers peeled back the last layer of an earthen dam. Environmentalists who worked for 30 years to restore the massive Bolsa Chica area cheered and sipped champagne as the salty water poured into the fragile ecosystem that had been tapped as an oil field for decades. The event capped a two-year project that cost more than $100 million and shunted a portion of the scenic Pacific Coast Highway onto an overpass. Officials said it would take at least six hours for the ocean water to fill the 387-acre basin. The area had been separated from the ocean since 1899, when a duck-hunting club diked ponds to make it easier to catch their prey. The eight state and federal agencies involved in the project call it the largest and most ambitious restoration of coastal wetlands in the history of California, where 95 percent of saltwater marshes have been given over to development. The Bolsa Chica wetlands project is at the cutting edge of a new and evolving science, said Shirley Dettloff, a member of the conservation group Amigos de Bolsa Chica and a former member of the California Coastal Commission. ``Not many wetlands have been restored in the world, especially in an oil field," said Dettloff, who has fought for the wetlands for 30 years. ``Even we locals sometimes forget that this was the second-largest functioning oil field in the state of California . . . since the 1930s." The degraded wetlands are already home to 200 species of birds, including six endangered and threatened species, said Marc Stirdivant, executive director of Bolsa Chica Land Trust. Tidal flows and ebbs will fill and drain the basin twice a day, restoring a natural rhythm that should replenish the fragile ecosystem and could attract more species.

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Words like Gladiators in A Cage, by firoze shakir

of my mind scream and shout wrestling bout.. spawned to slavery let them out.. so they in new found freedom can show their busted snouts and online cyberstalked my poetic thoughts like a broken fountain and a missing spout tremble, miss a step and yet gush out.. as I, of her do moon about me a shia thug, and devout how the hell did this come about and on the unpaved walks of buzznet like littered gloom it did sprout clawing my soul a talent scout dying within.. and dying without.. on the heart of her journal being kicked about.. Imperceptibly and no doubt

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The Life of Edgar Cayce

[Thanks to Miss Anne Thropic for the link] VIDEO of The Life of Edgar Cayce Virginia Beach is home to the headquarters of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the renowned psychic called the "sleeping prophet" for his ability to enter a trance while making medical diagnostic "readings." I'm drawn to this sort of thing in the same way that my husband craves seeing new golf courses. So we drove north of the boardwalk to the Association for Research and Enlightenment, founded by Cayce in 1931 to study such subjects as holistic health, spirituality, dreams, ancient mysteries, intuition and reincarnation. We weren't sure what -- or who -- to expect at the place, which looked more like a library than a temple of spirituality. During a tour, we found out that the property does have a library -- one of the largest metaphysical collections in the world -- along with a peaceful meditation room and a 48-foot-diameter labyrinth modeled after one in the cathedral in Chartres, France. Not really a museum, although a few of Cayce's personal items are displayed, the center is a place for seminars, classes, fellowship and research and has the atmosphere of a college classroom building. Our tour group of 14 was mainly vacationers, with a few Cayce aficionados. The guide told us about Cayce's psychic techniques, his predictions and a bizarre incident involving his ability to see auras, outlines of color around people said to reflect vibrations of the soul. Cayce was in a department store one day and pushed the elevator button, the guide said. When the car arrived, he looked in and saw no auras around any of the riders. He decided to wait for another elevator. Moments later, the story goes, the cable broke and all inside were killed. True or not, the tale was enough to prompt me to lay out $15 for a book about the man.

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NASA sheds light on dark matter

by Lucy Sherriff First direct evidence? NASA says it now has the first direct evidence for the existence of dark matter, thanks to observations of a huge, intergalactic collision. Researchers using the Chandra-X telescope have been watching two galactic clusters collide, an event they say is the most energetic in the universe, ever, apart from the Big Bang. They also used Hubble, the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope and the Magellan optical telescopes to track the location of the mass in each cluster using gravitational lensing. This is the phenomenon whereby a sufficiently large mass can actually bend the path of light, so that you can see something that would otherwise be obscured by a massive galaxy, for instance. As the two galaxy clusters smash into one another, the huge clouds of hot, gaseous normal matter encounter drag, similar to air resistance. Because of this, normal matter is slowed down by the impact of one cluster on another. Dark matter, on the other hand, continues unimpeded since it doesn't interact with normal matter, except through gravity. This separation of the two types of matter shows up in the data, NASA says, and this provides the evidence that the dark matter is really there. Most of the matter in the universe is thought to be so-called dark matter. It gets its name because it is effectively invisible, and until now its existence could only be inferred from its gravitational effects. The term was invented to account for the fact that despite not having enough mass to hold themselves together under their own gravity, galaxies still spectacularly failed to tear themselves apart. Astronomers reasoned that something invisible, but massive, must be holding things together. Hence, dark matter. However, not all scientists agree (and when do they ever?). Some alternative theories have been put forward, but NASA says only dark matter can explain the observations here. Doug Clowe of the University of Arizona, and leader of the study, says the work has "closed the loophole" on gravity. "A universe that's dominated by dark stuff seems preposterous, so we wanted to test whether there were any basic flaws in our thinking," he said "These results are direct proof that dark matter exists." ®

Ozone hole stable, say scientists

Leading scientists in the United States say the hole in the ozone layer of the Earth's atmosphere above the Antarctic appears to have stopped widening. The ozone layer blocks the Sun's ultra-violet rays, exposure to which is harmful to humans, animals and plants. International agreements were reached to end the use of ozone-depleting chemicals called CFCs after the hole was discovered in 1986. It is hoped the hole may "heal" fully over the next 60 years. Two of the scientists whose work helped alert the world to the existence of a hole in the ozone layer in the 1980s told a conference in Washington they were hopeful that the ozone layer was recovering. "I'm very optimistic that we will have a normal ozone layer sometime, not in my lifetime, but perhaps in yours," said Dr David Hofman, who works for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as director of the Global Monitoring Division. Dr Susan Solomon, of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said she was also optimistic. ...

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Jane Roberts, Enlightenment, and Wisdom From a Splinter

by Ellen R. Gilbert In the early morning of January 25, 2006 I awoke from a deep, incisive dream. I lay quietly for a while, trying to solidify and even magnify what I could from it. Like many deep dreams, it was mostly feeling-tones, snatches of sentences, some visuals, and especially some vague recall of having an informational conversation with another part of myself.

One thing I did understand immediately was that it related back to the previous Sunday night’s International teleconference session with Kris and the subject of achieving enlightenment through compassion, but it also had something to do with Jane Roberts and her struggles with her physical symptoms. I could “hear” snatches of conversation in my head about these things, and a distinct concern from my own Essence, Kwaa’Ji, that I must try to sort or filter some of this dream period into my waking consciousness. In other words, it seemed important on several levels.

As I lay there unmoving, trying to recapture as much of the dream as I could, a segment of Paul Helfrich’s summation of the International session that he posted on the Dream-Art Science forum came to mind (“Dinner & A Dead Guy Reprise/Aspects Theory” topic):

“Kris briefly mentioned Ruburt (Jane Roberts) as someone who was enlightened (I only later wondered how that could be in the context of earlier comments several years ago that Jane’s sinful self was the ‘psychological cancer’ that caused her death. Perhaps enlightenment is only permanent, stable access to Source, since the body must be eventually disengaged from in some fashion. But why such a painful, dramatic choice at the peak of her career? If THAT’s an example of enlightenment, then most of our assumptions about the state are way off base.)”

Questioning Assumptions About What enlightenment Is

The same thoughts Paul states here had caused me to pause and reconsider how we understand enlightenment. Now I was laying in the dark with the distinct impression that I’d just been offered some really powerful and even detailed understandings, but it was up to me to piece it back together from the breadcrumbs of impressions, words, and visuals that I found myself now carefully and meticulously gathering up as I walked back through the dark forest of that dream.

Something about Jane Roberts’s physical struggles was key. I felt intuitively that Kris was correct – that Jane had achieved a state of enlightenment, but that perhaps we are mistaken when we believe that enlightenment must encompass a TOTAL understanding in all areas of our lives.

If enlightenment is an awakening, unfolding PROCESS, then many of us are – to a greater or lesser extent, in different areas of our lives – enlightened, while still being very much “in the dark” in other areas. In Jane’s case, she brought the light of her understanding, her life’s work, to many people, changing the lives of many of us in countless ways. I don’t exaggerate when I say that the Seth material literally helped SAVE my own life.

Jane became enlightened and enlightened many of us in the process, i.e. by (dictionary definitions) 1) shedding light, illuminating, 2) freeing from ignorance and misinformation, 3) sparking a movement marked by questioning of traditional doctrines and values.

In the area of her physical struggles, however, enlightenment did not come, and there were many reasons why, and I think Kris is taking us all into the next understanding of this with his present work in this area, with his assertion that compassion leads to enlightenment.

During the day following my deep dream, Jane Roberts’s physical difficulties and her inability to overcome them stayed on my mind. Like Paul had stated, to become so enlightened in so many ways – Jane soared to great mental and metaphysical heights – only to become literally imprisoned in the increasingly rigid shell of her body.

“There’s something more here, I know it,” I kept muttering to myself, “and of course it has to do with my own personal struggles and issues, else why would it have come to me and caused me to awaken with these vivid but fragmentary impressions in the middle of the night? What do Jane’s particular issues have to do with my own?”

Kris’ “Triple A” method of Acknowledging, Addressing to, and Accepting our beliefs and ourselves, along with his current sessions on achieving enlightenment THROUGH compassion, was a river that threaded its way continually through my musings as I went about my day. What was the connection?

When I had finished with my crossing guard duties for the day, I returned home and, seeing the emptied trash barrel, I took it and rolled it around to its place behind the house. As I pulled closed the rickety wooden gate, I picked up a splinter in my finger. Inside the house, I rummaged around for a pair of tweezers to pull it out, but the tweezers couldn’t quite grasp it, so I went to my sewing box and got out a needle.

Still pondering my dream and Jane and Triple A, I started picking and peeling apart the top layers of my skin to enable me to get a grip on the splinter and pull it out. When I had teased away enough skin to be able to grasp it, I grabbed it with the tweezers, only to discover that the little sliver of wood had broken in pieces all along its length.

Damn. Gotta peel away more layers, and pick and prod some more to get at each tiny bit of wood. There must have been about five or six tiny little bits of the splinter to dig out, each one of course, more deeply embedded under more layers of skin, and becoming more painful as I poked and tore at the skin to reach each one.

By the time I got to that last tiny shard, my finger was sore and it was getting difficult to even see that last tiny bit, as the skin was so ravaged at this point. I almost said “fuck it,” tired of the tediousness and pain of it all, LOL, but it’s that part that sticks in so deeply that touches the nerve so insistently that really needs to be excised, if you want to be free of the pain....

Self-Acceptance is a Many-layered Path

Okay, I’m no dummy. I know I’m creating this scenario for a very distinct reason! After the hours of pondering over my dream, here within this humble little splinter demonstration were some big insights into how the Triple ‘A’ method works. Kris has continually said, ever since he first introduced it, that as you AAA, you reveal deeper and deeper issues that you again AAA, until you get to the root of it all.

In my last session with Kris I went over what I had uncovered concerning one of my own traumatic issues, and Kris offered that I had come quite close to attaining closure on it, but that the very understanding that closure was within reach had given me a whole new set of concerns and responsibilities to have to face up to.

Looking at it through the analogy of the splinter, in other words, there was still a piece of splinter buried in my psyche, and I was so close to it, but it was becoming more and more tender every time I turned my attention to it, that I was tempted to just leave it where it was, let scar tissue cover it over. I knew I couldn’t do that, however, and Kris told me that indeed, this was not the end of the process, that I had to uncover the rest by myself, for my own best interests and personal fulfillment.

What Does This Have To Do With Jane Roberts And Enlightenment?

It’s undeniable, at least to my way of thinking, that Jane had reached a degree of enlightenment in a number of areas, as I stated earlier, but she could not bring to light that most deeply buried psychological splinter that penetrated her very soul, the issue that was really and truly at the root of her physical difficulties: her traumatic childhood relationship with her abusive mother, who was herself a completely bedridden rheumatoid arthritic.

This last splinter bit was revealed only in the final month of her life, when she was literally at the end of her rope, as detailed in her final book, ironically titled The Way Toward Health. Enlightenment, I believe, entails bringing to light those areas of the psyche that are dark, hidden, repressed, buried – those areas that hold attachment to shame, guilt, fear, horror and disgust. In the final pages of that book, Jane finally gets down to the nitty gritty.

People often express wonder, confusion, and even anger that Jane couldn’t heal herself, that after all, she had Seth for pity’s sake! This is where Kris’ words to me ring clear as a bell:

KRIS: “There are many occasions when – though we might perceive situations – it is in YOUR best interests to simply be, or have mentioned to you, that this is not the end of the process. The rest you have to uncover by yourself. The validity of self-discovery is far more fulfilling than to simply have situations and answers spoon-fed to you.”

It’s not that Seth didn’t have the answers for Jane, it was that Jane had to bring them to light herself. Seth DID offer lots of advice, nudges, pointed out psychological areas to examine, certain issues to address, etc., maybe even his own version of the AAA or Elias’s NIRAA (Noticing, Identifying and Recognizing, Addressing to, and Accepting beliefs) method (I’m thinking here of his advice to Jane to address her so-called “sinful self” which was a definite step into utilization of those methods).

As I was pondering these things in my mind while removing the final piece of the splinter that was in my finger, and squeezed out the blood that now started to flow in order to wash out any toxins, I got the last insight into Jane’s situation:

The bottom line is that Jane had to dig out the deep, dark secrets and purge them herself and she....just....didn’t....get to them in time. It was only in her final month in the hospital, when she was nearly incapacitated that she touched on them and it resulted in feelings of extreme panic and strong emotional outpourings. This finally gave Seth the opportunity to address this core issue. On August 2, 1984 from The Way Toward Health:

(‘I don’t know if I’ll have a session today or not,’ Jane said [to Rob], ‘but keep your paper and pen handy.’ And then she immediately began the session. Her words were loaded with emotion...)

SETH: “I bid you a sympathetic, yet hopeful good afternoon. Let Ruburt [Jane] remind himself that his birth was not responsible for his mother’s incapacity. He did not ROB HER of her own life by being born.

(In no time at all Jane’s Seth voice had moved closer and closer to tears.)

“He has no reason to feel guilty, or to punish himself for his mother’s situation. He did not MURDER her in any way by his birth. He is, therefore, no murderer or destroyer, or contemptible. He is not his mother’s murderer, then, in any fashion, nor responsible for the breakup of his parents’ marriage.

“He has no such crime, or crimes, to repent of, or to punish himself for. He is not therefore an unnatural daughter of the earth.

(The tears were streaming down Jane’s face as she came out of the session, and their flow increased as she cried more and more. She’d delivered her words in almost a grand sepulchral manner by the break. She sobbed, her face wet, her mouth contorted.

(‘IS THAT WHAT THIS HAS BEEN ALL ABOUT?’ I asked, meaning the years of the symptoms.)

I remember feeling totally aghast at reading Rob’s last words here. Well DUH!!! I wanted to say! How could you NOT have known?!? How could you not have seen what was at root, knowing Jane’s difficult childhood.... how dare you be so ignorant?

We All Bury Our Trauma And Hide Our Scars

But of course, Rob’s ignorance was innocent, unintentional, and perfectly understandable. Jane had masterfully buried the main issue for so many years. We all do it. We hide our scars, we bury our trauma so well – even from ourselves – how can even those nearest and dearest to us be expected to see and understand? Rob worked diligently for years with Jane and with Seth, trying to understand what was at the core of her physical symptoms.

Rob showed plenty of compassion and love for Jane. She had to show the same for herself in order to excise that last piercing shard in her heart. So she did, but the outflow of blood and toxins was overwhelming. Though she probably could have recovered, as Seth insisted she could, she chose to disengage.

Behind the highest clouds man has ever seen there are mountains and hidden coves from which all true proclamations come. Their sentences are silent yet they contain a word that releases and fills secret contracts between the gods and man, uttered long ago uttered without a word or a whisper and speaking for me alone with a magic note and a secret message and a sweet response known to me alone.

~ Jane Roberts

This poem, possibly – probably – the last poem Jane Roberts ever wrote, was dictated to Rob from her hospital bed. I particularly like its message in the light of the deep dream I had which began this essay because my dream also held “secret message and a sweet response known to me alone.”

I think maybe that word that “releases and fills secret contracts between gods and man,” may very well be compassion, as Kris has been asserting. Compassion for “Other” was a source of Jane’s particular enlightenment. Seth spoke of it here:

“The sessions, like life itself, have been and are a gift, rising from the immense, never-ending creativity of existence. Alone, they carry within themselves the splendor of unknown knowledge, and they arise from the deep founts of Ruburt’s [Jane’s] life, containing within themselves the neighborhood and world in which he grew, the power and vitality of the people he knew, the resourcefulness and energy that composed reality.

“Hidden within the sessions there is the splendid vitality of Father Trenton, his (Jane’s) mother, his neighbors and teachers – but beyond that the sessions connect and unite the annals of existence as he has experienced them, so that in speaking with my voice, and for me (voice quavering), he expresses the blessed vitality and acknowledgments of the universe, as even through the sessions the sweet universe acknowledges his own presence and being.

“And the two of you together also live within one life that expresses multitudinous voices, and sheds its own mercy, gladness, and joy, out into the world at large, enriching it, renewing the springtimes, and never truly ending.

“To one extent or another, Ruburt [Jane] then speaks in the sessions for all peoples, for the united psyches that overflow with thoughts and feelings that are registered by the wind, giving voice to the private, intimate, yet connected lives of men and women throughout the centuries – so that many people, listening to or reading the sessions, hear their own inner voices also, and feel the contours of their own natures, and universal nature as well.”

Compassion And Enlightenment

Compassion and love for the world was the driving force behind Jane’s work and her particular stage and/or state of enlightenment. Had she been able to show that same compassion for her own self earlier in her life, who knows what the implications of that would have been? Considering her genius, her talent, and her love as they were...I can only imagine!

This is where the force of Kris’ words begin to sink in, why the voice of my Essence in my dream kept drawing me back insistently to why it is crucial, of utmost necessity, to offer that same compassion to SELF, something that is the complete opposite to what most of us have been taught from birth – we believe in our inherent guilt, our shame, our unworthiness; that darkest, most deeply embedded, most secret shard that poisons us at our core, that holds us back from our personal enlightenment.

That, despite the cruelty of Jane’s early life, she was able to express so much love and goodness is a testament to the inherent goodness of the human spirit.

KRIS: “You seek to get in touch with your own stages of enlightenment. That is why compassion is important, because you cannot offer yourself such allowances but through being compassionate with your nature, with your creaturehood, because it implies and involves an understanding that even your fleshy being, your lovely cellular constructions are in need of a great deal of T.L.C.

“And that you may if you so desire, start recognizing that it is not by berating and belittling and discounting of your own human nature that you are going to attain any kind of remembrance of Essence and connection with Source, because Essence and Source SPEAK through your blood, your bones, your eyes. You are Expressions of Essence! Carefully study the implications of those words and remember your roots! Remember where you come from!

“And that is why you seek this type of knowledge, of understanding, because there is a deep original loving nature to who you are.”

There are Mondays stuck into corners where children threw them ages ago, so I gathered them up and washed them out and hung them up to dry.

The time winds quickly dry them out so they flap in the new morning sun, cosmic laundry.

~ Jane Roberts

A New Species Of Enlightenment

Finally, in the January 22, 2006 session, Kris offered a tantalizing possibility that changes are in the wind of our collective psyche, that we are at a point perhaps, of gathering up that cosmic laundry, re-washing it and drying it out in the sunlight of a new understanding:

KRIS: “NOW there is a different filter possible, one that did not necessarily manifest itself until this last century and that is a remembrance in a different sector of human experience without necessarily being covered under the guise of religious revelation, though this still occurs. But there is a new species of enlightenment and remembrance and it can deal with Source without immediately trapping this remembrance in the straitjacket of religious indoctrination and brainwashing. That does make a significant difference to the experiences now available to your species. Does that make sense?”

High in the secret mountains where the proclamations of nature come, I sense a new note full and free as a whole new world in some ancient sweet recipe.

The ingredients are glittering and golden and bright and filled with expectancy, and that note swirls curled inside nature’s world with the promise a salute, a new book to emerge up in the mountains where the earth’s proclamations are made.

And there is a wind, a rush and a power and a voice, a voice that says nothing at all yet forms new alphabets of life that glitter and buzz and swarm and shoot into fragments, jigsaws of light, sweet bombs of mystery that go shooting off like seeds of flame, with a fury and a power and a secret known to me alone.

~ Jane Roberts.

Jane’s Story Is The Story Of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a complex thing, not to be put in a simple little box, or to say, “this day I have achieved total enlightenment.” It truly appears to be a process, an unfolding, and an awakening that you can’t measure out.

“Here Jane was enlightened, here she was not so enlightened,” feels wrong to say. The moment she had the guts to put her work into the world, to examine it, question it, process it, share it, discuss it, love it, hate it, argue with it, she became enlightened. Each piece of her personal traumas she dredged out of her being and examined in the light, was a process of personal enlightenment.

That she DID uncover those core beliefs, enlightened herself in that area at the very end of her life and then died is in itself a triumph of the highest order. The fact that she died then is not of importance. She lives, an enlightened being in that sense.

When you put together all of Rob’s notes, the years of struggles to understand Jane’s illness and why it manifested, and how to apply Seth’s teachings to it, you come to a very enlightening revelation:

Jane’s life story becomes the allegory, the single most important story, played out in mythological terms, in HEROIC terms, of all of the words that Seth ever delivered in any of his books. Jane’s personal story – Herstory – is the instrument of the music of Seth’s words.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


[Emmanuel Rocks! Very cool guy. Be sure to listen to his music!] * Active forum topics * Recent blog posts


The Holographic Universe and the Mayan Calendar

“We are in the midst of a collective transformation, at least at this level of perception, although I don’t believe it’s the one the New Age and others talk about. I would suggest there are actually two ‘transformations’ and one is a fake designed to mislead us. The year 2012 would appear very significant to the Illuminati and this is also the point at which the Mayan Calendar says there will be a transformation to a new world. The ancient Mayans, in what is now Central America, developed their own measurement of time and observed repeating cycles that they detailed in the calendar. They said that a Great Cycle began on August 11th, 3114 B.C. and would end on the winter solstice, December 21st, 2012, the point when a ‘Great, Great Cycle’ of 26,000 years would also come to a conclusion. It relates to the New Age belief about moving from the astrological Age of Pisces to the ‘enlightened’ Age of Aquarius. This is the moment when new cycles will begin, it is said, and humanity will be infused with love and light. A Mayan Calendar website summarized this basic theme: ‘There is no reason not to take a leap of faith into imagining what may be in store. We may trust that it is time for humanity to awaken in to a true partnership with each other, with the earth, and the Cosmos. By accepting this partnership we may claim our birthright and become Galactic Citizens who care for and sustain the planet, thus sustaining ourselves. This is clearly the challenge of our times. Yet, arriving just in time and on schedule is the Winter Solstice dawn on the day we may remember that we are truly Children of the World.’ At the risk of upsetting many in the New Age, I say this is the fake transformation. I have no problem with the fact that 2012 is significant in Time Loop terms, nor that the Mayans clearly had a remarkable grasp on the planetary and cosmic cycles they related to time. I just say they were measuring the computer program, the cosmic planetarium, and that the predicted transformation is as illusory as the rest of this holographic reality. It is another part of the DVD, another diversionary subplot. There is no time, and anything that identifies with it is not a transformation to Oneness. We are not ‘truly Children of the World’, we are truly Infinite Consciousness. Identifying self with the ‘world’ is identifying with the Matrix. It is a belief system that still relates to form, with being ‘human’, ‘Galactic Citizens’, and sustaining a holographic illusion we call ‘earth’. Millions are caught by the Matrix in the fake transformation. The Mayan Calendar is one example…” (David Icke)
posted by Sober Sometimes at 8:20 PM

...Beethoven...4 Peace...

Meditation and music open us to more expanded feeling states, states of deep inner peace, mental expansion, insight and awareness. Becoming absorbed in music or absorbed" by" music opens us to the beauty of sound and higher consciousness. It expands our mind and feelings. It leads us into deep meditation – taking us to its doorway. It has been said that some of the music of Beethoven has this capacity or taking one to this doorway of deep meditative experience. In his letters or correspondence Beethoven revealed that he had spiritual experiences that were behind his compositions. The sounds he created were an attempt to recreate this experience or communicate this experience to the listener. Carl Jung the great Swiss psychiatrist said that great music came from the archetypes, which are universal expressions or movements of our collective higher and intuitive minds; thus, great music expands, heals, makes us whole, and inspires. Great music should expand us and uplift us, as can the symphonies of Beethoven, as reported by others' experiences: The Third Symphony – can inspire the desire for inner meditation. The Sixth Symphony – can open one to the inspiration of Nature. The Seventh Symphony – appears to open the mind to deeper experiences. The Eight Symphony – deals with fear of death and the continuity of life. The Ninth Symphony – expresses life as a unitive experience greater than "I". The Violin Concerto – stimulates for some the sense of beauty and the mind. It has been said that classical music, and especially that with emphasis on string instruments, brings about "peace" of mind and an inner silence, which is the goal of meditation. It is valuable and helpful to feel the vibrations of string instrument in a tactile way, as with a tactile sound chair as in certain TactileAcoustic sound-chair designs, in which the especially the hands and arms receive these exquite vibrations.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nude people in town center could prompt ban

Complaints about young people who spend time in downtown naked have prompted the Select Board to explore an anti-nudity ordinance. Groups of young people have been congregating in a downtown parking lot and enjoying the warm summer weather without clothing, and that bothers some local residents. "A parking lot is not a strip club. It's a parking lot," resident Theresa Toney told the Select Board last week. She said she has seen repeated instances of naked people hanging out downtown. "This is a problem. What about children seeing this?" Toney asked. Vermont has no law against nudity, though some cities and towns ban it by ordinance. News that the Select Board had asked Town Attorney Robert Fisher to research a possible local ordinance drew a protest of sorts Friday, as five young men gathered downtown and stripped their clothes off in protest. "There's no real valid way to justify the banning of nakedness," said one of the men, Adhi Palar, between licks on his clarinet. "Nakedness does not violate any human rights whatsoever." With no law to enforce, Police Chief John Martin was taking a laid-back approach. "What's the harm?" Martin asked. "It's a problem to the extent that it bothers people, but we've always had it here." "We get calls and we check out what's going on. Even though there's often no criminal violation, we want to be sure there isn't a confrontation. Or that someone is not emotionally disturbed." A criminal charge might result if the nudity is sexual in nature, with the purpose of "gratification or the intent of arousing oneself or another," Martin said. Nudity has put the town in the headlines before. A group of women held "Breast Fest" in Brattleboro in the early 1990s, marching down Main Street with no clothing above the waist.

November -- The End of E-Voting

by Fishgrease That's right. We're approaching the end of ES&S, Diebold and Sequoia. Soon. The November kind of soon. So how we do that, you ask? It's safe to say that more Republicans will lose than at any time since HAVA. More Republicans will lose than at any time since computerized, programmed vote counting devices came into wide use. Same thing. HAVA mandated and paid for those devices. Who wrote HAVA? Lobbyists for the election device industy... that's who. Republicans will lose. They're politicians and think an awful lot of themselves (Democrats are too, but it's the Republicans who'r going to have to get used to this losing stuff). What are the chances they actually received fewer votes? No way! It was those damned computers! Need I say more? I'm going to. Flip wid me. In fact, Republicans will figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander. They'll be demanding handcounts all across this great country of ours, expecting Democrats to object. Here's what Democrats should do: Fuck'em! Don't object! I know I'm going to have comments saying Republicans won't lose, precisely because of e-voting. I don't think so. Sure I think it's possible. With programmed devices counting votes, anything is possible. I just don't think it is likely. Cheating with e-voting, if it ever occurred (I think it might have in select races) would only help if every race were going to be close. Hopefully, we're approaching a blowout, against the very people who supported e-voting and called us all wackos. If computerized vote-count fraud occurred in the past, or could in November, the people who say go or no-go on it will probably realize what grabbing 10% or more of votes illegally could do. People in the streets. Mass protests. If that happens, there goddamn sure SHOULD be people, A LOT OF PEOPLE, protesting... in the goddamn streets. So if Democrats do win big, why not kill two birds with one stone? Agree with the losing Republican candidates that there needs to be handcounts. Support their efforts, even where handcounts aren't provided, by law as the next step. Even I am not sure I'm right here. I do think it is something Democrats need to be thinking about and including in their contingency planning. We would do well to discuss it here. You gotta admit it's like Democrats to win and then say "Now what?". Make plans for when you win. Here's a letter to the editor I wrote. I've just received confirmation that it will be printed in our local small-town Wyoming newspaper. Think about writing one yourself. Wouldn't be difficult to write a better one than I did. I've a feeling that now's our chance. We may not get another one. If winning Democrats say e-voting is fine, we may never get rid of it. This country is headed for trouble. That trouble will occur on election day, this coming November. The trouble is the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). You have to love how they name these pieces of legislation. HAVA will help America vote just like the Clean Air Act cleaned the air (it didn't) and the American Jobs Creation Act created jobs (created jobs in India). The Herald's recent article on our new ES&S voting machines accurately described HAVA as resulting from the disputed 2000 presidential election. The U.S. Congress was heavily lobbied by the elections device industry and as Congress often does, they solved one problem by replacing it with a much worse problem. Like a lot of federal legislation, HAVA was pretty much written by ES&S, Diebold and Sequoia lobbyists. How bad is it? Well, it managed to couple the problems of fair and sensible ballot design with the intrinsic invalidity of computerized vote counting. Pretty darned bad. Very bad. In several places, including Florida and Mexico, there are now laws that ballots or paper vote records must exist, but those paper records cannot be counted by hand. The only recounts allowed by law in these places is feeding the paper ballots back through the same computerized devices that counted them the first time. Our new ES&S M100 voting machines are computerized devices. I'm a device programmer. I'm not the best, but I could write computer code that would not only change election results, but leave no evidence of the change. If I can do it, so can thousands of other programmers. Citizens of Uinta County, this coming November, your votes will be counted by a computer. Your votes will be counted, not by your local government, but by a corporation. The M100 and similar optical-scan devices differ from the now-fully-discredited touchscreen machines only by their means of input. Their output is routed through programmed devices, either way. Before our election, our County Clerk will verify, before party representatives, that the memory cards are blank. The only way this can be done is by plugging them into a computerized device, probably one provided by ES&S. The M100 also has an internal paper record, but this too is downstream of the programmed functions of the machine. The great mathematician, Kurt Gödel proved that self-validating systems cannot be provably valid. If the only provably valid election result comes by hand counting the original paper ballots, why do we have the machines? We have them because they were bought with federal money. We have them because of lobbyists. Change HAVA to APAH (All Paper All Handcounts). Then, give us back our Senior Citizen election judges and send the 17 year-olds home. We'll no longer need their computer expertise. This November, candidates Republican and Democrat will be demanding hand-recounts all across this great nation. Candidates, win or lose, we, the voters, would like you to do exactly that. You owe it to the people who voted for you. You owe it to your country. A note on that letter and the stuff about the 17 year-olds. This year, our county replaced ALL their past election judges (usually Senior Citizens) with below-voting-aged teenagers because "they are less intimidated by electronic devices than most adults". If you feel ghosts of Cambodia in The Killing Fields, you're not alone.

Monday, August 21, 2006

"I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq"

On Democracy Now: Willem Marx, a former intern with the Washington-based government contractor, the Lincoln Group. He spent a summer in Baghdad paying to plant pro-American articles secretly written by the U.S. military in the Iraqi press. ...

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about the U.S. generals involved and also the Iraqi newspapers you had these articles placed in?

WILLEM MARX: Yes. The process by which I passed on these articles often involved a bit of back-and-forth between myself and captains and majors in the U.S. military unit that I dealt with, and my relationship with them was very important to the company. I had to at times be diplomatic, at times be critical. And occasionally I would have to give up my editorial control over which articles were pushed through to the Iraqi media, because they had, themselves, received orders from above, from men like General Casey, who was the top commander in Iraq at the time and, I believe, still is. And General Casey said, “No, sorry. It's very important we publish this article. You guys make sure the Lincoln Group publishes it.” And lo and behold, we'd publish it, even though it would be something that I felt was, you know, not really suitable and would grate with many Iraqis reading it, who would think this is obviously American propaganda.

And, you know, the newspapers we dealt with, I think on occasions like that, were very, very suspicious, I would imagine, of who was planting these articles, where they were coming from, why freelance Iraqi writers would turn up to their offices and offer them $1,000, $2,000 to publish an article. And there must have been a huge suspicion from some of these editors that the Americans were involved.

And one particular article about the Badr Brigade, which is a Shiite militia, I'm sure you know, which General Casey was very keen to push, basically applauded the Badr Brigade for not retaliating against attacks on the Shia in Baghdad. And he was very keen to get it pushed out, and two newspapers in a row refused to publish it, because it was too inflammatory in a political sense. So that was a very interesting experience, having this senior, senior general getting involved in the nitty-gritty and wanting one particular story to go out, only to discover that no Iraqi newspapers in their right mind were willing to publish it for however much money we offered. ...


Disposed into twelue bookes, Fashioning XII. Morall vertues LONDON Printed for William Ponsonbie. 1596. A Note on the Renascence Editions text: This HTML etext of The Faerie Queene was prepared from The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Edmund Spenser [Grosart, London, 1882] in 1993-96 by R.S. Bear at the University of Oregon. * TO THE MOST HIGH, MIGHTIE and MAGNIFICENT EMPRESSE RENOVV- MED FOR PIETIE, VER- TVE, AND ALL GRATIOVS GOVERNMENT ELIZABETH BY THE GRACE OF GOD QVEENE OF ENGLAND FRAVNCE AND IRELAND AND OF VIRGI- NIA, DEFENDOVR OF THE FAITH, &. HER MOST HVMBLE SERVANT EDMVND SPENSER DOTH IN ALL HV- MILITIE DEDI- CATE, PRE- SENT AND CONSECRATE THESE HIS LABOVRS TO LIVE VVITH THE ETERNI- TIE OF HER FAME. * ... Like two faire marble pillours they were seene, Which doe the temple of the Gods support, Whom all the people decke with girlands greene, And honour in their festiuall resort; Those same with stately grace, and princely port She taught to tread, when she her selfe would grace, But with the wooddie Nymphes when she did play, Or when the flying Libbard she did chace, She could them nimbly moue, and after fly apace. And in her hand a sharpe bore-speare she held, And at her backe a bow and quiuer gay, Stuft with steele-headed darts, wherewith she queld The saluage beastes in her victorious play, Knit with a golden bauldricke, which forelay Athwart her snowy brest, and did diuide Her daintie paps; which like young fruit in May Now little gan to swell, and being tide, Through her thin weed their places only signifide. Her yellow lockes crisped, like golden wyre, About her shoulders weren loosely shed, And when the winde emongst them did inspyre, They waued like a penon wide dispred, And low behinde her backe were scattered: And whether art it were, or heedlesse hap, As through the flouring forrest rash she fled, In her rude haires sweet flowres themselues did lap, And flourishing fresh leaues and blossomes did enwrap. Such as Diana by the sandie shore Of swift Eurotas, or on Cynthus greene, Where all the Nymphes haue her vnwares forlore, Wandreth alone with bow and arrowes keene, To seeke her game: Or as that famous Queene Of Amazons, whom Pyrrhus did destroy, The day that first of Priame she was seene, Did shew her selfe in great triumphant ioy, To succour the weake state of sad afflicted Troy. Such when as hartlesse Trompart her did vew, He was dismayed in his coward mind, And doubted, whether he himselfe should shew, Or fly away, or bide alone behind: Both feare and hope he in her face did find, When she at last him spying thus bespake; Hayle Groome; didst not thou see a bleeding Hind, Whose right haunch earst my stedfast arrow strake? If thou didst, tell me, that I may her ouertake. Wherewith reviu'd, this answere forth he threw; O Goddesse, (for such I thee take to bee) For neither doth thy face terrestriall shew, Nor voyce sound mortall; I auow to thee, Such wounded beast, as that, I did not see, Sith earst into this forrest wild I came. But mote thy goodlyhed forgiue it mee, To weet, which of the Gods I shall thee name, That vnto thee due worship I may rightly frame. ...

Current Issue Issue #57 ~ Sexuality

The Holy Whore Lustful and Orgasmic Farming Sacred Sexuality & Relationship The Dirty Little Secret of a Generation Liberating the Caged Female Human Animal's Sexuality Beyond Right & Wrong: An Inquiry into Pornography and much more! ... Issue #57

Download Entire Issue 57 (PDF 7.4MB)
* Related: Public library to pull progressive magazine from shelves, calling it 'pornography'

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology

DUBLIN An Irish company has thrown down the gauntlet to the worldwide scientific community to test a technology it has developed that it claims produces free energy. The company, Steorn, says its discovery is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy -- a concept that challenges one of the basic rules of physics. It claims the technology can be used to supply energy for virtually all devices, from mobile phones to cars. Steorn issued its challenge through an advertisement in the Economist magazine this week quoting Ireland's Nobel prize-winning author George Bernard Shaw who said that "all great truths begin as blasphemies". Sean McCarthy, Steorn's chief executive officer, said they had issued the challenge for 12 physicists to rigorously test the technology so it can be developed. "What we have developed is a way to construct magnetic fields so that when you travel round the magnetic fields, starting and stopping at the same position, you have gained energy," McCarthy said. "The energy isn't being converted from any other source such as the energy within the magnet. It's literally created. Once the technology operates it provides a constant stream of clean energy," he told Ireland's RTE radio. McCarthy said Steorn had not set out to develop the technology, but "it actually fell out of another project we were working on". One of the basic principles of physics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. McCarthy said a big obstacle to overcome was the disbelief that what they had developed was even possible. "For the first six months that we looked at it we literally didn't believe it ourselves. Over the last three years it had been rigorously tested in our own laboratories, in independent laboratories and so on," he said. "But we have been unable to get significant scientific interest in it. We have had scientists come in, test it and, off the record, they are quite happy to admit that it works. "But for us to be able to commercialise this and put this into peoples' lives we need credible, academic validation in the public domain and hence the challenge," McCarthy said.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

In Dreams, by Mystiedawn

At night I dream of you, Coming to be by my side. I see your silhouette at first; I watch your calm, quick glide. Vivid images; Pictures in my mind. My night's love, my passion; All in you I shall find. Once again, you'll whisper to me, "Hello, my dear. " Your touch eases me, Removing any fear. Your gaze meets mine; The warm look in your eyes, It melts my heart. From now on Nothing but blue skies! Tonight you romance me; Our bodies entwine. You enter; I gasp! Our souls combine. A touch here, a tickle there, It enthralls me; I am captivated. Our bodies move, the motion constant; My body's completely activated. Throughout the night Our passion flows, Coming together, My emotion grows. For you, in dreams, Oh, how I care. But when morning comes, I am left in despair. Another night gone and passed. I awake in ecstasy all alone. For you visit at night; In dreams you come. And I dread the coming of a new dawn.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Amidst ecstatic visions Anarchy appears. She says:

Whenever you need anything, once a month at the full moon, assemble in the wilderness--in the forest, on the heath, by the seashore--for the state of nature is a community of freedoms. Recognize the imminence of total liberation, and as a sign of your freedom be naked in your rites. Dance and sing, laugh and play, feast on the fruits of the earth, the delights of my body, make music and love--for all acts of pleasure are my rituals. And I am that which you find in the fulfulment of desire. Abolish all authority, root out coercion. Share all things in common and decide through consensus. Shake off the character armor which binds and constrains. Let the wilderness energies possess you. Cast the magic circle, enter the trance of ecstasy, revel in the sorcery which dispels all power. But commit no sacrifices. Repudiate harmfulness, exploitation and slaughter. Rather venerate all creatures and respect them as different but equal to you. Total transformation thus becomes possible. This rite shall continue to be celebrated until Anarchy becomes universal.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vita & The Mood Swing Cognitive (memetic) evolution now supercedes traditional 'survival evolution'... Traditional sexual attraction has been replaced by a new intention - the desire to synergize our cognitions (via linguistic 'hedonism')... more powerful than sexual lust, it's full realization is much much greater than root chakra orgasm, and a global free communication forum such as the internet is the physical manifestation of our collective desire. Reveltions came to me as I watched a video of a monk's self-immolation: People now sarifice their genetic imperatives - They will abstain from passing on their genes, in favour of passing on their memes... We are witnessing the evolution of evolution. The 'survival of the fittest' paradigm remains, but is now applied to memes... and the environment is our collective cognitions... We are the territory, and we CAN join together as equals! - Not all structures are hirearchical. The Mood Swing

Royo, Morrison, Osmon Speares

~ People are strange, when you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone ~ ~ People seem wicked, when you're unwanted Streets are uneven, when you're down ~

Take Back Washington Helping to Unite All Political Parties Under The Banner of The U.S. Constitution

BridgeStone Media Group (BSMG) would like to announce the formation of a new political website in development,, dedicated to returning our nation to a form of government where the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Due to the groundswell of interest being generated by the recently released shock-doc “One Nation Under Siege,” Take Back Washington will be solely committed to finding realistic ways for Americans to collectively re-institute a federal government that is under the control of “We The People.” This new website will be a guidebook published by “the people” for regaining control of a government overrun with fraud, profiteering, and corruption that work singularly to undermine our U.S. Bill of Rights. Sadly, in light of recent corrupt elections and the nationwide realization that massive voter fraud on both sides of the political spectrum has gained control of the electoral process, it has become necessary to put into place mechanisms designed to return that lost control back to the American people. Take Back Washington will rally around every single patriotic American and statesmen who will be tasked with determining the best course of action to necessitate the restoration of liberties that have been legislated away by the very people elected to protect our Bill of Rights. Our collective and united voices must be heard so that the will of the people can no longer be ignored. Take Back Washington hereby requests original, action oriented op-ed pieces and current news articles from every American who wishes to see our country restored to the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Take Back Washington team, also known as BridgeStone Media Group, is planning to be in Washington DC for all manner of massive peace rallies and patriotic demonstrations that are being organized to coincide with the marking of the fifth anniversary of September 11, 2001. One such event that all are encouraged to attend is the 911 Citizens Court Independent filmmaker William Lewis will be attending some of these DC events while filming on location for his forth documentary, which will not simply be focusing on the loss of civil liberties in the United States. The current project will center on real actions that all Americans can take to regain control of their government. Any outspoken individuals who wish to voice their opinion on law or liberty, should contact the Take Back Washington team. We will make every effort to contact you and possibly arrange to put you on camera for the new documentary. Director Lewis was recently quoted as saying, "No topic will be taboo. We simply want to tap the pulse of the heartland and let every single American know that they are not alone in this struggle. We want to give them a voice, an outlet, and a unity of action that Washington, D.C. cannot ignore.”

The Take Back Washington website is slated to be up and running by September 1, 2006. Get in on the ground level of this project and be a coordinator in your region.

For more information or to contact the Take Back Washington team, please send your emails to:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Silent Woman to the Free Speaking Woman, by Sadia Arman

* How she sings, sings, sings. The music Like fountain water springs From her throat, Like the sound of a flute. How she talks, talks, talks. Unabashed. No doubts, No hindrance, Nor fears Obstruct her powers, When she talks. No sword has she, no lance. She cuts with her smile And razes with her speech, Then sticks in her flag. Glorious woman! You shall rule Sceptre-less and crownless. Speaking woman, Inspire all your dumb sisters With your Muse. Beckon us to the Spoken Word And banish The false Rule of Silence From This tortured land.

Transcript of Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

[Thanks to Kevin for finding this transcript for me] AHMADINEJAD: (Translated.) "Basically, we are not looking for - working for the bomb. The problem that President Bush has that in his mind he wants to solve everything with bombs. The time of the bomb is in the past. It's behind us. Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue, and cultural exchanges." * Q: What did you expect to hear back from President Bush? AHMADINEJAD: (Translated.) "I was expecting Mr. Bush to give up, or I should say to change his behavior. I was hoping to open a new window for the gentleman. One can certainly look on the world from other perspectives. You can love the people. You can love all people. You can talk with the people of the Middle East using another language, other words. Instead of blind support for an imposed regime they can establish a more appropriate relationship with the people of the region. "

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