Friday, April 27, 2007

Rumi, Nude, "Secret"

When someone quotes the old poetic image about clouds gradually uncovering the moon, slowly loosen knot by knot the strings of your robe.

Like this.


. . . Now, looking back, I have identified the nine steps I lived through to be living by the principles of The Secret. 1. I gained awareness that my life was at the abyss. 2. I broke through denials – recognized I was the reason. 3. I took responsibility for all of my words, actions, and behaviors. 4. I learned how to control my mind and end the negative, self-limiting dialogue. 5. I understood the source of my fears and consequences of believing in them. 6. I looked at new, positive perspectives of my life and forgave myself. 7. I learned how to be present, to live in the moment and appreciate what I had. 8. I created a new vision for my future, consciously choosing positive values to honor. 9. I reaffirmed my absolute belief in myself, and become grateful. 10. I made an action plan, living each day with the intention of succeeding.

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