Saturday, May 26, 2007

Democrats Retreat before Bush, by Stewart A. Alexander

Stewart A. Alexander for President Peace and Freedom Party May 25, 2007 America and the troops were hoping that Democrats would fulfill the commitment they made to voters in 2006 to end the Iraq War; however on Thursday the Democrats in Congress help the Bush Administration get a blank check to pursue this criminal war. Senate and Congressional Democratic leaders helped facilitate a continued bloodbath in Iraq making this a bi-partisan imperial war. The situation on the ground is deteriorating daily in the Iraq Civil War and the $100 billion of supplemental spending, approved in Congress, will certainly increase American casualties and further disrupt the entire Middle East. Congress has decided to continue funding a war that is without planning, a war that has ripped apart an entire nation; that has created over 4 million Iraqi refugees and has resulted in the deaths of more than a million Iraqis. The Democratic Control Congress has decided to fund a war that has claimed the lives of more than 3,400 American troops, a war that is far worst than Vietnam, a war that is destroying our security as a nation, a war that is destroying world peace. This U.S. Congress lacks courage and leadership; they are not fit to lead this nation. The Republicans are still in control despite the fact that the Democrats have the power to halt the money for war. Bush got his money to continue his war and the Democrats cut and ran. Unfortunately the Democrats are failing to support our troops; now the troops must continue to fight and wait for their day of liberation. It is time that the people of this country have a real political choice in 2008. Only the Peace and Freedom Party, which is on the ballot in California, has more than 40 years of history and experience to fight these policies and leadership disasters. For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander for President; Iraq War- Counting the Cost; Presidential Candidate- Senator Reid was Right, War is Lost; Democrats Waffling on Iraq War. stewartalexander4paf [at]

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