Monday, May 07, 2007

From: Musings Morphing

From Anarchist Guerrilla Militia (see link on right column):

We are in precarious times. While the powers that be try to work their illusion for their own benefit, the rest of the biosphere walks in a haze of tyranny as we are raped, exploited, managed as slaves, and terrorized in a multiplicity of, a complex syndrome of, terrorism. With an assumed (and for convenience not articulated initially here) set of a priori positions and values, I would like to begin a discussion of how we, as anarchists manifesting in the world in our myriad ways, are going to free our passions in the face of said violent terrorism. I believe in working for the best while preparing for the worst. To be clear, this is about shedding our socially enforced behaviors of learned helplessness, victimhood, and reclaiming (regardless of any one's definition of a legal or sanctioned act) the right to defend our communities and their physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, manifestation and the space it requires to be actualized. We need to prepare ourselves with skills to come to this defense in what ever form most effective in the moment. I no longer wish or choose to compromise my perspective and desire for freedom to match anyone else's idea of ethic or appropriate and socially acceptable action. I say this: as a compassionate, honest, humble, life-honoring, genuinely peaceful person, if I and all my relations are threatened by any force contrary to the their highest good, I will defend them in an uncompromised and aggressive manner period. As this world ravels into the void of the future, I see this as an extremely necessary role and stance to contribute to the liberation of all beings, on all levels. I am not saying life needs my help, or that I will impose on life my conditions. I am saying I will fight by any appropriate means those that would do so. I nor any realistic assembly of any conceivable allies could match pound for pound the de facto military-industrial-capitalist complex and its hammer of self-justified righteous justice and power that they wield. But I will use what ever means and allies available to carve out and defend any neophyte community: of plants, animals, ecosystems, habitat, people, ad infinitum, that is to push back and enforce a boundary to let the 'new growth' grow and evolve. It is in this vein I would like to start this exploration. I want this to be a forum where my voice isn't dominant, maybe at most facilitative, but where we can talk candidly about D.I.Y., about creating alternative infrastructure, about using defense technologies effectively and responsibly to protect these rights of a community to determine for itself its structure without corrosion or intimidation by another. In actual clear statement, to create the means to empower and skill share on every level the ability to, as needed, use whatever means to defend the biosphere.
Here is a simple pre-amble, but a important idea to nurture: to reclaim such abilities from the mainstream's confines and judgements, a higher and collective need that the integrity of life's wild organic nature must be preserved so that we may all live peaceably and sustainably, while being aggressively defended without compromise on the path to its creation.
Let this seed be planted: The Anarchist Guerrilla Militia.
Check back soon.

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