Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Germany Limits Bush Airport Protestors

Only 50 of the thousands of protestors were permitted in the area around the Rostock airport Tuesday to protest the arrival of US President George W. Bush in Germany for the Group of 8 Summit.

Bush was taken amid strong security measures and protests to the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm, which will be the host of the G-8 Summit starting Wednesday.

The German government only permitted 50 of the thousands who descended around the airport, and those were individually searched and authorized.

Bush came from the Czech Republic, where he talked with top authorities of plans to install an anti-radar shield in Bohemia to complement the interceptor rocket base projected in Poland.

This project is strongly rejected by Russia, which believes it threatens its borders, so Bush said the project is purely defensive, but in another speech criticized alleged lack of democracy in Russia.

Bush will meet with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday to discuss their differences on the measures to avoid climatic changes.

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