Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who determines your next presidential candidates?

TY2 From Well, CNN and the rest of the media (that have the power to decide who you will or won't see on the boob tube or read about in print) that's who. After last night's democratic presidential debate, "Senator Chris Dodd criticized CNN for giving far more time to Senators Obama and Clinton. Obama spoke for 16 minutes. Dodd, Kucinich, Gravel and Senator Joe Biden were each given less than nine minutes."*

So apparently, while you're trying to decide who you'd prefer to represent the left wing of the republican party in the '08 presidential election, CNN already has, giving Obama and Clinton twice as much exposure. Unless one's an Obama or Clinton lover, this should be very upsetting to those who might support one of the lesser, "unknown" candidates like a Kucinich or a Gravel. (WTF is a Gravel?) Oh well, Dada just can't wait for the Peace and Freedom Party's debates on CNN. *Attribute: Democracy Now!

As interested as I am in your blog... who on Earth is in that photo? Who took it? Wow...

Oh re: air time etc. I do believe they are trying keep viewers based upon the popularity polls - i.e. those with higher ratings get more time, for obvious reasons...
Thanks Chaos! I wish I knew...I would give them credit if I did...

Yah...I get pissed during elections with all the spoon fed pablum being dealt out to the wide open-mouthed general public...
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