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The Next (& Best) Mayor of San Francisco - Josh Wolf

July 6th, 2007

Campaign Update

First off, I’ll be at the Noe Valley Farmers Market as well as Delores Park gathering signatures and donations tomorrow. I need to gather about 10,000 signatures, $5,000 or a combination thereof by the beginning of August to qualify for the ballot.

Taking a cue from Chicken John’s campgain, I’ve created a Word Document that those who live in San Francisco can print out and pass around to help gather signatures. In order for these sheets to be counted they must be printed two-sided on one sheet of paper. If you have collected any sheets for me, thank you, and please e-mail me to arrange pick-up.

I’ve also established a campaign bank account and wired it up to pay pal in order to solicit campaign contributions. If for some reason I am unable to raise the funds and signatures needed to get on the ballot, I will donate all funds in the account to the League of Young Voters. This month’s goal is to gather one hundred $50 donations; if I can do this then all of the signatures we can gather will go towards actually having money for supplies and my place on the ballot will be secured. To donate please go here:

Finally, I’ve started a list-serve for those interested in helping with the campaign or just looking to hear about what’s going on with the race.


LDF recipient Wolf to run for SF mayor

Josh Wolf, the recipient of the largest Legal Defense Fund grant in history, has announced he is running for mayor of San Francisco.

SPJ gave Wolf, a freelance videographer and blogger, $30,000 in August. Wolf has the record as the journalist who has spent the longest time in jail. He spent 226 days behind bars.

The traditional news outlets don't have a lot on this. The ABC station in San Francisco has this.

Gavin Newsom is the current mayor of San Francisco.

Wolf, 24, does have one interesting plank in his platform for open government types. A pledge to have as much of the city business he conducts open to the public as possible:

Open Government: As mayor I will wear a mounted streaming camera while working on all official business so that the public can take part in a truly open and transparent government. It may be possible that city codes dictate that certain meetings be confidential, in which case I will have a notice posted explaining why I am offline.

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