Friday, August 24, 2007

Crossroads Infoshop visited by U.S. marshalls

Kicking cops out of your bookstore Of all the things I had on my agenda today, kicking some cops out of our infoshop here in Kansas City was not on my list. And I had a list when I went to the bookstore this afternoon, an agenda for our volunteer meeting tonight. Somewhere around the middle of the afternoon, when two of us were doing remodeling work on the space, I stepped outside to talk to somebody in a storefront a few doors down. When I walked back to the infoshop, I found a posse of armed U.S. marshalls standing on the sidewalk outside our bookstore. I went into our space and found a woman agent, who was wearing a vest and had weapons, asking questions of two people inside our store. I challenged her to show a warrant and she responded that she didn’t need to show a warrant. I asked her again to produce a warrant and she responded that the store was open to the public and that she just wanted to ask questions. She was getting mad at this point and appeared ready to threaten me with violence. She said something about “not wanting to go there” with her, which I took as a threat. I told her bluntly that we weren’t going to answer any of her questions.

She left our store, met up with the other terrorists and proceeded to enter and search the building next door. During their operations, she found time to glare at me twice as she walked by our bookstore.

You don’t have to answer police questions. Don’t let them bully you. Sometimes you can fight the law and the law blinks.

posted by Chuck0 on 08.22.07 @ 7:44 pm

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