Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the relationship between quantum spin and consciousness

Spin-Mediated Consciousness Theory and Its Experimental Support by Evidence of Biological, Chemical and Physical Non-local Effects

We postulate that consciousness is intrinsically connected to quantum spin since the latter is the origin of quantum effects in both Bohm and Hestenes quantum formulisms and a fundamental quantum process associated with the structure of space-time. Applying these ideas to the particular structures and dynamics of the brain, we have developed a detailed model of quantum consciousness. We have also carried out experiments from the perspective of our theory to test the possibility of quantum-entangling the quantum entities inside the brain with those of an external chemical substance...


There is no coherent view as to what is and causes consciousness. Some neuroscientists would say that it is the connections between the neurons and the coherent firing patterns thereof. Some physicists would propose that it is connected to the measurement problem in quantum theory and thus the solution lies there. A few philosophers would suggest that it is an emergent property of the complex brain or a new kind of properties and laws are required. For sure such disarray has its historical reasons. Ever since Descartes promoted his dualism philosophy in the 17th Century, science has been for the most part steered clear from this subject until very recently.

Philosophically, Searle argues that consciousness is an emergent biological phenomenon thus cannot be reduced to physical states in the brain. Chalmers argues that consciousness cannot be explained through reduction, because mind does not belong to the realm of matter. In order to develop a consciousness theory based on this approach, Chalmers suggests expanding science in a way still compatible with today’s scientific knowledge and outlines a set of fundamental and irreducible properties to be added to space-time, mass, charge, spin etc. and a set of laws to be added to the laws of Nature. Further, he considers that information is the key to link consciousness and the physical world.

conscious experience and the underlying spacetime geometry.

The explanation of consciousness in accordance with our spin-mediated theory is schematically shown at the bottom of Figure 1. The geometry inside the spinning circle represents conscious experience and is part of a Penrose tiling. It symbolizes that consciousness emerges from the non-computable collapses of entangled quantum states of the mind-pixels under the influence of spacetime dynamics schematically shown as the spinning circle.

So The unity of consciousness is achieved through quantum entanglement of the mind-pixels.

You got that?

Has there been any advance on this subject matter since Roger Penrose published his "Shadows of the Mind" back in 1995 examining the links of human consciousness / perception with quantum mechanics? Sadly, majority of the free world is more interested in Miley Cyrus' perky pubescence showing through her diaphanous sports bra than the latest advances in consciousness emergence theories. Please visit our blogs and rants at http://bonesastronomy.blogspot.com .
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The Quantum Apocalypse

You might be interested in this vid.

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