Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Socialist Candidate on Two Tickets for President

Stewart A. Alexander for President Peace and Freedom Party Socialist Party USA August 28, 2007 During the month of April 2007, Stewart Alexander was the first candidate to announce that he would seek the nomination for president on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket in California. Now Stewart Alexander is joining 10 other candidates to seek the nomination of the Socialist Party USA to become the next President of the United States. Peace and Freedom Party and Socialist Party USA represent working class people and share common goals. Both parties remain strongly opposed to the US occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and are demanding an immediate withdrawal of all American and occupying forces from both countries. Stewart Alexander has made ending the Iraq War the number one issue of his campaign. Both parties are opposed to the continued funding of the Iraq war that has now claimed the lives of more than 3,732 Americans and more than 425 American lives in Afghanistan; a war that has devastated Iraq claiming the lives of more the one million Iraqis. All the candidates for Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party place ending the war as a top campaign issue. Alexander notes that Americans are opposed to Congress wasting billions to fund the Iraq War; however within the next few weeks Congress is preparing to give Bush another $145 billion to continue his war. The two parties are united in the belief that the Bush war on terrorism has actually been an assault on the American working class; to strip away their rights and freedoms. Stewart Alexander has repeatedly accused the Democrats and Republicans for giving President Bush their continued support in this assault against the working class. The Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party are strong advocates for immigrant rights and oppose the actions of the Bush Administration to deny immigrants their human rights. Stewart Alexander has adamantly opposed border walls and guest worker “slavery” programs. While running as a candidate for California Lieutenant Governor, in the 2006 Mid Term Elections, Alexander had proposed doubling the California minimum wage. Recently the Democratic controlled Congress increase the checks of the lowest paid workers by $2.10; however Alexander wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.25 per hour and index it to the cost of living. Across the nation voter dissatisfaction with the rising cost of health care is growing and the two corporate parties, the Democrats and Republicans, continue to back private insurance companies; giving the insurance industry control over the nation’s health care system. Alexander believes a single-payer, universal health care program, is necessary to make good health care available to everyone. Today the majority of Americans have lost confidence in the Democrats and Republicans; the 110th Congress has the lowest voter approval rating in the past 100 years. Alexander says, “Peace and Freedom Party and the Socialist Party USA are reaching out to 298 million people in the US that are without representation. The truth about America’s two party system has now been revealed; the two rights are wrong for America.” Most of the 11 candidates for president, for the two socialist parties, will appear on the ticket for both parties. The candidates have very little funds to spend on their campaigns compared to the presidential campaigns of the two big capitalist parties that are spending millions to promote their campaigns and are dominating the corporate media. Alexander says, “My campaign is about addressing human needs, not protecting the interests and profits of the wealthy few. My mission is to share the hope of socialism, and help working people learn that capitalism only benefits the rich. My family background and my own life of hard work have helped prepare me as a representative of the many who give, rather than the few who take.” For more information search the Web for: Stewart Alexander Enters Race for President; Stewart A. Alexander for President.

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