Monday, September 10, 2007

Barnard Prof's Book on Mideast Creates Tenure Fracas

posted by birdie on Monday September 10
The New York Times reports: A tenure bid by an assistant professor of anthropology at Barnard College who has critically examined the use of archaeology in Israel has put Columbia University once again at the center of a struggle over scholarship on the Middle East.

The professor, Nadia Abu El-Haj, who is of Palestinian descent, has been at Barnard since 2002 and has won many awards and grants, including a Fulbright scholarship and fellowships at Harvard and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. Barnard has already approved her for tenure, officials said, and forwarded its recommendation to Columbia University, its affiliate, which has the final say.

Another hit-job by the American Zionist Taliban, no doubt.
No doubt...

Submitted by Nicky Rose on Sat, 09/15/2007 - 6:08pm.

I am going to create art for you. Inspire me big time...

Sweet Jesus that is HOT.
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