Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brazil Ethanol Seen Good For Climate, Maybe Not Environment

By Mr Ethanol | September 18, 2007

Cattle Network: Brazil’s environmental Minister Marina Silva, long seen as unfriendly toward Brazilian agribusiness, told the press at a sugar and ethanol conference Monday that Brazil ethanol production is drastically cutting the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“Ethanol is an alternative for reducing carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, and is a major contribution to decarbonizing countries that are heavy fossil fuel users,” Silva told reporters.

However, another ministry official said that while ethanol might be beneficial for climate change, it remains to be seen whether ethanol is good for the environment.

Over the last three years, reductions in deforestation and increased ethanol use has reduced Brazil’s CO2 emissions by 500 million tons, Silva said. That’s roughly 30% of all CO2 reductions being required of richer nations. http://www.cattlenetwork.com/content.asp?contentid=160942

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