Friday, September 28, 2007

italiany anarchy and the nutella dilemma

Submitted by mire on Fri, 09/28/2007 - 8:33am.

(and by the way yes I am Italian)

last nights conversation on anarchy was very interesting and I am fully aware that the thread could go on forever on that theme that circles in an infinite loop upon itself being part utopian philosophy part linguistic riddle and part much else. But if I should conclude I would say my favorite kind of "anarchy" is the one expoused in the early 20th century by italian (and other) immigrant workers like Sacco and Vanzetti (one of two was an anarchist, I don't remember which one, but i know he was the one from northern italy) this could more properly be described now as european style social democratic principles - the main point was social justice and elimination of classes - they were not shying away from violence recognizing that violence was everywhere around them but violence is not what they were about.

anyway, somehow the musings on anarchy got blurred in my mind as the night proceeded with another post concerning a sweet concoction of frozen fruit cognac and nutella and another comment further down claiming "my diet won't permit it!"

well, that posed quite a dilemma as i was fighting the sweet craving and determination to "i'll for sure try that tomorrow" with "actually my diet will too not permit it" - this intereference in the discussion on anarchy was troubling and can't say that the two conflicting thoughts were not undermining each other's arguments!

So, to conclude: I am in favor of no rules and particularly no diet rules and therefore yes to nutella

[Thanks to mire for this post]

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