Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Power of Nonviolent Persistent People

by Eileen Fleming / September 5th, 2007 In a verdict released on Sept 4, 2007, justice ruled in the Holy Land! In the petition of the village of Bil’in against The Wall (HCJ 8414/05), which in that area of the occupied territory of the West Bank, is mostly an electrified fence with miles of rolled barbwire that prevents the indigenous landowners access to their olive groves, Judges Beinish, Prokachya and Rivlin, of the Supreme Court ruled against the current route of The Wall/separation barrier and ordered the State to prepare a proposal for an alternative route. Due to the power of nonviolent persistent people the empire and military occupation of Israel has now been justly ordered to leave the agricultural lands of Bil’in on the legally owned Palestinian side of the apartheid-separation barrier! ... Now that the highest court in Israel; the Supreme Court has ordered the State to redraw the route of its West Bank, what happened in Budrus and now Bil’in is all due to the persistence of people power and anarchy. Palestinian farmers, workers, mothers, and students, together with Israeli and international volunteers, have been braving teargas, beatings, bullets, arrest, and even death to block the construction of The Wall with nothing more than their bodies. ... Two Anarchists Against the Wall, Palestinian Ayed Morrar and Israeli Jonathan Pollak toured the United States in 2005 to wake up Americans about the persistent struggle and nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation and their illegal actions in Palestine. This reporter attended their Gainesville, Florida session and learned from Ayed Morrar, a community leader from the West Bank village of Budrus, how a few committed, thoughtful, persistent and nonviolent citizens changed their part of the world. ... LETS GET MORE HONEST-from IF AMERICANS KNEW: 118 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 952 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. 1,024 Israelis and at least 4,228 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000. 7,633 Israelis and 31,531 Palestinians have been injured since September 29, 2000. 1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 10,756 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel. 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 4,170 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since September 29, 2000. ---- Neal wrote: Lastly, the notion that the Israeli system is an apartheid system is contradicted by the premise of the article, which is that the Israeli court sided with Palestinian Arabs and against the position of the Israeli government - possibly to the disadvantage of Israelis, including the possibility that a greater number of Israelis might die as a result of the re-rerouting of the barrier. The apartheid theory is also contradicted by the fact that Palestinian Arabs in Israel are /citizens with the vote, have held cabinet positions in the Israeli government, have held ambassadorships representing the country and have had judges on the bench including a judge on the country’s highest court. I REFER YOU TO: Prophets on Apartheid: Part 1 Prophets on Apartheid: Part 2 Neal wrote: In the captured territories, if Palestinian Arabs want to live in a separate country, then taking the view that Israel refuses them the vote is disingenuous. It is one way or the other. If they want to be Israelis, then demanding a vote makes sense. If they do not want to be Israelis, then such is just politicking and propaganda by Ms. Fleming. FIRST OFF, I NEVER WROTE A WORD ABOUT VOTING RIGHTS, AND YOU ARE APPARENTLY IGNORANT ABOUT THE OVER 100,000 ARAB ISRAELI CITIZENS IN THE UNRECOGNIZED VILLAGES: EXCERPTED JANUARY 2005 WAWA BLOG; In 1948 when most of the indigenous population fled their homes and property, some citizens held their ground, dug in and have nonviolently endured being treated like sub-human beings. The Unrecognized Villages are not on any map and yet these people all have Israeli citizenship, pay taxes but receive no services. The Israeli government had deemed these scattered villages as military zones and agricultural areas so homes were demolished, and people live without water, electricity, schools or medical care. Yet the settlers 400 meters away have swimming pools and every comfort known to man. On the fortieth anniversary of The Declaration of Human Rights in 1998 Mohammed and others formed the “Association of 40″ and they have worked in solidarity and nonviolently through the court system to be recognized, to receive water, electricity, roads and human rights. 100 villages with over 100,000 people living in third world conditions in Israel remain unrecognized to this day. NEAL CONTINUED ON ABOUT HAMAS-A TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY-BUT LET US BE HONEST AND RECALL THEY WERE TRANSPARENTLY AND DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED. I ALSO ALWAYS HAVE AND WILL DENOUNCE ALL VIOLENCE AND TERROR! AND AS FAR AS THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS, I HAVE NEVER READ IT, BUT UNDERSTAND IT IS HATE-FILLED PROPAGANDA, SO I WON’T! AND NO, I DO NOT KID ABOUT INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, JUSTICE AND INTERNATIONAL LAW BUT, YES, I DO HAVE SYMPATHY AND COMPASSION ON ALL WHO SUFFER INJUSTICE. NICE TALKING TO YOU NEAL, E 4. gerald spezio said on September 5th, 2007 at 2:39 pm # Israeli cyber typist Neal refers us to the Yale Law School for a major dose of not-so-slick Israel/First propaganda. If you thought that the Protocols of Zion was bad, try a dose of the Hamas Covenant out of the Avalon Project at sacred Yale Law School. Let’s check with Alan Dershowitz and Noah Feldman, Harvard Law faculty, for an “objective legal” opinion. We can then ask mad dog kill-en-all Yalie lawyers Joe Lieberman, Michael Chertoff, and Bruce Fein to check over the legal facts and express their Ivy League opinion. Boola, boola, give the schmuckery the hoopla.

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