Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Revolution Has Come

Written by EditorsChoice
Saturday, 29 September 2007

The revolution is here. It isn't out there in the world with violence and uprisings and upheaval. It starts within your deepest inner most being. The energy of the revolution is quiet. It doesn't create drama or stories that perpetrate drama. I am a one person revolution. And so are you. As we learn to apply all the Universal Laws to each circumstance of our lives: the Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration,the Law of Karma, (cause and effect), the Law of Gratitude, the Law of Love, the Law of Allowance, we can draw upon the infinite field of all possibilities that these laws represent, and consciously create the world of our dearest dreams. For many people, the field of unlimited possibilities was first glimpsed when The Secret DVD was released. This movie changed the consciousness of many and continues to do so. Of course, these ideas are not new. But as they are mainstreamed into the consciousness of ordinary people, and as more people open their minds to these concepts instead of resisting them, we will realize a much more interesting world to live, move and breathe in. Old paradigms die hard. Thoughts such as blame, guilt, shame, poverty consciousness, fear of old age and disease, fear of lost youth, pain and death have previously been the reality of most of the people on the planet. Now, opportunities abound for releasing these negative beliefs, thus transforming our lives to the One Person Revolution. Henk Schram and Nikolas Kidd have just launched their beautiful work entitled: "Revolutioniz: Harness The Hidden Laws of the Universe." I read every word and loved the feeling of Peak Potentiality it released within my psyche! I love the idea that I am a One Person Revolution, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and like Ammon Hennacy, friend of Dorothy Day. Ammon was a family friend in the 1950's and 1960's. He walked everywhere in the name of World Peace and love, like Peace Pilgrim. His headquarters was at the Catholic Worker in New York City where feeding the hungry and raising consciousness was a daily activity. He refused to pay taxes and landed in jail more than I can count, because of these acts of protest. He learned from his prison experiences that the prison is in the mind. He learned that the sadistic warden was a projection of his own mind. Sources of joy, love and happiness come from the mind, as well. The Kingdom of God lies within us all, as well as the self-imposed prison of neglect and self-punishment. Heaven or Hell--it's your choice. Revolutioniz is a well researched book leading the reader to self-discovery. The ideas presented by the authors are not new, and can be traced to Indigenous Religions, the Tao, ancient China, Greece and Rome. These ideas can also be traced to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Krishna and Mohammad. Universal Truth is present in all of these. Henk and Nikolas have provided a visualization tool software program with the Revolutioniz package. I am REALLY having fun with this. The idea is to frame a goal whether in the realm of family, business, relationships etc, in the present tense. Visualize your goal with all 5 senses. This helps to make the visualization real and believable and helps you get very excited! As you do the visualization, jump up and down in child-like ecstasy!! Do this three times a day!! Then let go of outcome completely. The software program leads you through the process. You then print out the statements and carry them around with you. Another tool Henk and Nikolas recommend is to always carry around a notebook with you, and write down every idea that flows into your consciousness. Writers are known to do this as a way of honoring the Muse. But the Muse is present in all activities, because life itself is a creative process!! So the notebook serves to record a thought that will be forgotten if this step is skipped. Believe me, I've learned this the hard way! The Laws of the Universe mentioned at the beginning of this article guide us in this revolution and are the road map, if you will. The concept of Gratitude, for instance, is so greatly overused that people walk the talk instead of walking the walk on this one. But I recently had the revelation that all things in my life serve to make me a better person, certainly a person with greater character, a stronger more resilient person. The unseen world has far reaching influences. What I see is not the sum total of anything. And the unseen world is nothing but Love. How could anything be negative, evil or bad? Only my thinking makes it so. I love the prison of my mind!! I love the freedom of my mind!! All of it is who I am. The One Person Revolution is a shared journey. By living it and passing it on, we make the world a better place. But let it begin with me.

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