Friday, October 26, 2007

Suzanne Treister, ALCHEMY 2007

[Thanks to dada for this cool link] Drawing series Dimensions: A4 and A3 Rotring ink on paper

A series of works which transcribe front pages of international daily newspapers into alchemical drawings. These works redeploy the languages and intentions of alchemy: the transformation of materials and essences and the revealed understanding of the world as a text, as a realm of powers and correspondences which, if properly understood, will allow man to take on transformative power.

ALCHEMY/The Guardian 22nd February 2007
ALCHEMY/Washington Square News Vol 84, Issue 34, 2007
ALCHEMY/The Jewish Telegraph 4th May 2007
ALCHEMY/Financial Times 19th April 2007
ALCHEMY/The Sun 19th April 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 19th April 2007
ALCHEMY/Asian Enquirer Feb/Mar 2007
ALCHEMY/Die Welt 12th February 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 3rd February 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 4th July 2006 ALCHEMY/International Herald Tribune 3-4 February 2007 ALCHEMY/Le Monde 11-12 February 2007
ALCHEMY/The New York Times 5th March 2007 ALCHEMY/The Star Gazette(Turkish) 19th January 2007 ALCHEMY/Süddeutsche Zeitung 19th February 2007
ALCHEMY/The Sun 9th February 2007 ALCHEMY/The Observer 13th August 2006 ALCHEMY/La Repubblica 5th April 2007
ALCHEMY/San Jose Mercury 5th March 2007 ALCHEMY/The Wall Street Journal 24th February 2007 ALCHEMY/New Nation 14th May 2007
ALCHEMY/Le Monde 12th May 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 1st June 2007
ALCHEMY/The Independent 13th May 2007
ALCHEMY/Islamische Zeitung June 2007
ALCHEMY/La Stampa 5th June 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 5th June 2007
ALCHEMY/Daily Star 26th May 2007
ALCHEMY/The New York Times 7th March 2007
ALCHEMY/Daily Express 4th July 2007
ALCHEMY/The Times 27th June 2007
ALCHEMY/USA Today 17th July 2007
ALCHEMY/The Sun 18th July 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 27th June 2007
ALCHEMY/The Times 27th June 2007
ALCHEMY/The Sun 27th June 2007
ALCHEMY/Evening Standard 28th June 2007
ALCHEMY/The Independent 28th June 2007
ALCHEMY/Daily Sport 28th June 2007
ALCHEMY/The London Paper 28th June 2007
ALCHEMY/Financial Times 27th June 2007
ALCHEMY/Daily Star 28th June 2007
ALCHEMY/TheDaily Telegraph 28th June 2007
ALCHEMY/The Sun 2nd July 2007
ALCHEMY/The Times 7th August 2007
ALCHEMY/TheDaily Telegraph 11th July 2007
ALCHEMY/The Guardian 10th August 2007
'...wonderful, an excellent series showing no signs of compromise, it's energetic and tensely suspenseful, profoundly sinister and completely unnerving.' Christoph Tannert, Berlin 2007

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