Monday, November 26, 2007

enquiry into the nature of thought and the source of conflict in the world

From: In early 1993, the ratitor came upon some audio tapes of Krishnamurti, and soon afterwards of David Bohm. What these people were talking about made an impact within as nothing else previously. What they explored throughout their lives was the very ground of being. Their enquiries have made a deep impression on this one. current enquiries regarding what is the meaning of all this? . . . . . . to look at myself without any formula -- can one do that? Otherwise you can't learn about yourself obviously. If I say, I am jealous, the very verbalization of that fact, or of that feeling, has already conditioned it. Right? Therefore I cannot see anything further in it. . . . Now the question is: can the mind be free of this egocentric activity? Right? That is really the question, not whether it is so or not. Which means can the mind stand alone, uninfluenced? Alone, being alone does not mean isolation. Sir, look: when one rejects completely all the absurdities of nationality, the absurdities of propaganda, of religious propaganda, rejects conclusions of any kind, actually, not theoretically, completely put aside, has understood very deeply the question of pleasure and fear, and division--the `me' and `not me'--is there any form of the self at all? J. Krishnamurti, Observing Without the "Me" Brockwood Park, First Public Talk, September 5, 1970 * Krishnamurti & David Bohm - The Future of ... THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY is a dialogue between J. Krishnamurti

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