Saturday, December 29, 2007

**An Appreciation Of The Nude In Art**

Although I very much appreciate it you in a welder’s mask but precious little else your nakedness totally unafraid of flame or spark as you solder bits of scavenged metal to create impossibly beautiful metal men sentinels to guard our bedroom as if we were the tomb of Tutankhamen. You take the mask off and your hair unfurls like a red banner laugh and tell me to: “F**k off! ” You love the implements of your art the sheer physicality of it whether it be welder’s torch or chisel or chainsaw. Chainsaw? You rev it up ! (in the buff) - totally unguarded - tell me to shut up stand still as you shape (oh the roar of the naked blade) some poor tree into a fantastically futuristic portrait of me in wood. I catch my breath and have to admit: “It’s’s more than good! ” and I am no prude but why do you have to do it in the nude! Dónall Dempsey

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