Thursday, December 06, 2007

Prayer, Creepy Songs, Leunig, & Lives

Is There Anything in Prayer? * Lyrics to a song from the 70's... * They're Taking the People's Treasure Written By: Scott Silver, Executive Director, Wild Wilderness "The People's Treasure is a wonderful poem by the Australian poet Michael Leunig which beautifully describes how the privatizers are stealing what we collectively own. It begins: They're privatising things we own together. And though we're still connected by the weather They say that sharing things is now unsound. They're lonelifying all the public spaces. They're rationalising swags and billabongs. They're awfulising nature's lovely places, Dismantling the dreaming and the songs." Wherever you look you can see the privatizers. Free-trade agreements, the prison industrial complex, terminator seed technology and corporate run school systems are just a few of the forms privatization is taking. It is the impending Corporate Takeover of Nature with its associated Privatization of Wildness where I have established my personal battle lines in this larger fight." * Cat Tales: The Meaning of Cats in Women's Lives

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