Wednesday, December 12, 2007


[I'm nominating my husband for the Solar Award] Our site offers you an opportunity to examine your life in ways that you may not have considered before. Please sample the Youseum website links for clues to discovering your personal aptitudes, traits and uniqueness. Have a look at the Youseum awards and how they might apply to you and those around you. Please review the Youseum award recipients and let us know if you care to nominate someone. The Youseum is about You. * YOU Recognition Awards The YOU Awards are designed to inspire a new awareness and appreciation of activities, events or traits that are not normally acknowledged or rewarded, but that have merit and are examples of courage, creativity, strength or wit. Awards are presented annually. The five awards acknowledge worthy efforts in a variety of categories, focusing on emotional and personal development and achievement in unexpected and untraditional ways. Candidates for the YOU awards are not routinely in the public eye and would not ordinarily expect acknowledgement for these particular situations, traits or activities. The public is invited to submit nominees for future YOU awards. The Solar Award Awarded to an individual who radiates warmth, cheer, or happiness and is a comfort or joy to those around them. The Knack Award Awarded to someone who empowers others or maintains something that benefits others, but whose ability and hard work may be unacknowledged. The Zig Award Awarded to an individual where a sharp alteration or change of direction in life, career or situation has prompted creative or courageous ways of coping. The Mettle Award Awarded to an individual who has shown the courage to take what action is needed in a difficult situation. The You Award Awarded to an individual whose unique traits or atypical approach to life merit positive acknowledgement; an award for just being you.

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