Sunday, January 27, 2008

∞♥∞ ☪ ♡ ☆ ♡ ∞♥∞ by Samuel Durkin

Is... "Yummy!" an artistic thing to say?
"Yummy" is a VERY artistic thing to say... :)

I'm enjoying your blogs now...

Thanks for stopping by, ben varkentine.

All Good Things,
I'm glad to hear it...I've been enjoying this one for some time.
Just found that this image had been linked here from my website. I'm the Artist who painted it. It would have been nice to be asked before it was posted here, but I don't really mind too much. I'm very glad you all like it.

The original painting has already sold, but prints of it are available on my site and so too are more of my paintings.

Best Regards
Samuel Durkin
Hello Samuel!

She is a beauty! I love this image! Thank you for your comment and for not being mad at me for posting it, I usually just look for images and don't see who does them. I'll be very happy to put your name on the post.

All Good Things,
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