Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An ode to all the quixotic, impractical dreamers

From: http://insurgelicious.blogspot.com Posted by J A G U A R I T O
The Philosopher's Cellphone, by Mark Silcox "I've often thought that Plato's Cave was rather an exaggeration - Mankind's fate is not a mere" - brring brring - "oh, damn, the phone - Hello Imelda. Yes I did pick up the tickets at the station. What? The dog? The carpet?? - soul-confining house of stone." "It seems almost quixotic - use a dishcloth! Soap and lots of water! Dishcloths, dishcloths... there should be one in the lavatory. She's crying? Well, give her a bone! - The world around us seems to offer More than just the dance of shadows in that allegory." "And furthermore, methinks that while in Ancient Times - no peanut butter? Right, I'll add it to my list. We're also out of floss. There was a fairly short path from the stars straight down into the gutter, Our Modern Age provides us with no corresponding loss," "When we turn our gaze from sunlight to - my indigestion's better; thanks, It must have been that Egg Foo Yong, or p'raps the Chinese Tea Be home in time for Jeopardy! - life's illusions in all their ranks Our eyes will not be blinded to the aspect of eternity."

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