Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One of the worst beliefs -also, on minimizing the importance of a problem (Seth)

"One of the greatest detriments to mental and physical well-being is the unfortunate belief than any unfavorable situation is bound to get worse instead of better. That concept holds that any illness will worsen, any war will lead to destruction, that any and all known dangers will be encountered, and basically that the end result of mankind's existence is extinction. All of those beliefs impede mental and physical health, erode the individual's sense of joy and natural safety, and force the individual to feel like an unfortunate victim of exterior events that seem to happen despite his own will or intent. "These ideas I have just mentioned are all prominent in your society, and now and then they return to darken your senses of joy and expectation." ~ Seth-Jane Roberts The Way Toward Health, Chapter 1, January 9, 1984 (pg. 20). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The rational approach, as it is now used, carries a basic assumption that anything that is wrong will get worse. That belief of course is highly detrimental because it runs *against* (underline) the basic principles of life. Were this the case in your terms of history, the world would never have lasted a century. It is interesting to note that even before medical science, there were a goodly number of healthy populations. No disease rubbed out the entire species." ~ Seth-Jane Roberts The Magical Approach, Session 3 (pg. 28). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "When you fear the worst will happen, you are often showing quite real faith, but in a backwards fashion. For with no direct evidence of disaster before your eyes, you heartily believe that it will occur. You have faith in it. (This last was delivered with emphasis and irony.) That is, indeed, misplaced faith." ~ Seth-Jane Roberts The God of Jane, Private Seth Session, October 24, 1977 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I am not saying that anyone should pretend that unfavorable circumstances do not sometimes exist, or that they may not be encountered in the past, present, or future. It is also true, however, that *advantageous* events occur with a far greater frequency than do negative ones — otherwise the world that you know simply would not exist. It would have disappeared in the throes of destruction or calamity. "In a basic way, *it is against nature's purposes* to contemplate a dire future, for all of nature operates on the premise that the future is assured. Nature is everywhere filled with promise — not only the promise of mere survival, but the promise of beauty and fulfillment. Once again, the keen sense of promise is innate within each portion of the body. It triggers the genes and chromosomes into their proper activity, and it promotes feelings of optimism, exuberance, and strength..." "... Live each day as fully and joyfully as possible. Imagine the best possible results of any plans or projects. Above all, do not concentrate upon past unfavorable events, or imagined future ones." ~ Seth-Jane Roberts The Way Toward Health - Chapter 2, p. 81 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seth On Problems: [Pg. 241, May 31, 1984:] ". . . remind yourself that any situation can be changed for the better. Remind yourselves constantly that the most favorable solution to a problem is at least as probable as the most unfortunate `solution'. Remind yourselves also that despite all of your worrying, the spirit of life is continually within your experience, and forms your physical body." [Pg. 265, June 9, 1984:] "... do remind yourself that it is far more natural and probable for any problem to be solved, and that every problem has a solution . . . " ~ Seth-Jane Roberts The Way Toward Health (see book details above) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Whenever possible, minimize the importance of a problem. Forget a problem and it will go away. Dumb advice, surely, or so it seems. Yet children know the truth of it. Minimize impediments in your mind and they do become minimized. Exaggerate impediments in your mind and in reality they will quickly adopt giant size." ~ Seth-Jane Roberts – The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Note No. 3 for Session 824, p.119-20 AE.) All quotes: (c) Robert F. Butts


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