Friday, January 25, 2008

She's lying. She's skinny, and she's pretty, and she's lying! -Questular Rontok

She kisses the wind in a cemetery. So deranged but such a beauty. Carving her skin with broken glass. Sprawled out naked on fresh, green grass. Silence is her best friend. Seems the voices must have their say. Nude beauty in the cemetery... On a bright and sunny day. * Nude Beauty, by Lance Carthen

This is a wonderfully, evocative post! And the image is stunning! I understand you 'found' the author, but are you perhaps the photographer? The model? Or have you simply ( it ALWAYS seems simple to those who haven't done it) brought the disparate parts together?
Thank you for looking and for your comment.

Do have any favorite poems or black and white photos?

All Good Things,
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