Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chomsky: US acts like Nazi Germany

Prominent linguist Noam Chomsky bashes the ‘imperialistic’ foreign policies of the US, likening Washington to the Nazis in Germany.

Chomsky compared US foreign policies to the conduct of Nazis within Germany, citing the Nuremberg trials as an example of the contradictions between US political speech and government-sanctioned actions.

“I think the ironies of United States deployed treacheries in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are self-evident,” The Daily Free Press quoted the Pulitzer-Prize winning author as saying at Roxbury Community College.

He also condemned the abusive actions of General David Petraeus and US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, against the Iraqi nation.

“Lord Petraeus has initiated tyrannically destructive policies, including, but not limited to, the surge proposed on Sept. 11, 2007 in a despicably theatrical manner before Congress,” exclaimed the MIT professor.

Chomsky also referred to the ill deeds of other US administrations, slamming Ronald Reagan for causing the overthrow of the legally elected Sandinista government in Nicaragua in 1984.

“Reagan was a thug and a coward, he managed to physically diminish a democratically-elected government and throw a nation into civil chaos for well over a decade . . . because the Sandinistas didn’t back US trade policies,” he expounded.

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