Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dance with Energy - Elias

ELIAS: Now; in this visualization, allow yourself to visualize energy being projected by all of the individuals within your physical reality. Each individual is projecting energy continuously. That energy, figuratively speaking, flows outward and begins to form a collective energy, which may be likened to an immense cloud. As energy continues to be projected to this cloud and it continues to accumulate more power, it becomes a storm. As it becomes more powerful, it becomes an immense storm. Each of you as individuals, in association with this storm, have become individual lightning rods. Now; being that lightning rod, within your perception, can be good, or it can be bad. It can be conflicting, or it can be beneficial. It is a matter of how you incorporate the energy. The energy from the storm is continuously projecting energy to each lightning rod, and each of you are receiving it in different manners. Those individuals that are generating more of an openness in association with energy more easily receive the strength of that energy of the collective, but this is not to say that they objectively recognize or understand what they are receiving and what they are incorporating. Therefore, it is immediately translated into some type of manifestation or imagery. Many, many, many individuals recently are translating that energy in manners that are conflicting or frustrating or uncomfortable, and they are generating this in extremes. Extremes are very easily expressed in this present time framework in what you deem to be good or bad — extremes in excitement and extremes in irritation. This is an element of the polarization that is occurring now, and that is occurring in relation to strength of energy that is being expressed. Now; the key is to be aware that there is a tremendous strength of energy which is being expressed, and to be aware that there is a tremendous potential for automatic and easy extremes, and to be paying attention to what type of energy you are expressing, to be aware of what you are doing, and therefore aware of what type of energy you are expressing. It matters not that you allow yourself to receive, for what is important is how you manipulate that energy, how you configure it, and being aware of how you are also projecting. The more intensity that you project yourself, the more of a lightning rod you become, and therefore the more potential to be receiving more of an intensity of energy. You are allowing yourself to receive the strength of the energy, but you are not paying attention to configuring that and manipulating that in a manner that is generating more of an ease. That energy may be manipulated in a manner to be empowering of you in the recognition of your own strength and your own power of energy. But in being unfamiliar with it and not incorporating a clear objective understanding of it — although I acknowledge that you have generated somewhat of an awareness and an understanding of the strength of the energy and your not channeling it, so to speak — therefore, it is creating an irritation, and that generates a frustration. In paying attention to the reception of the energy, you may manipulate that in different manners. You expressed an example of the game. You feel this energy, it is interrupting your game, and that is generating frustration. Rather than interrupting your game, it may be channeled in a manner throughout your physical body consciousness to enhance your experience with the game and to allow you to play the game with more power. Q: And I’d be doing that by focusing back into self? ELIAS: Focusing your attention upon the energy and moving it, dispersing it, allowing it to move naturally with your body consciousness, and therefore incorporating it within your actual physical body and the movement of your body, creating much more of a strength in your actual physical movement generating a dance with the energy in a strength and powerfulness that is moving in the playfulness of the game, but also in an expression of power and beauty in movements. Q: Versus taking the energy and discounting myself. ELIAS: Correct

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