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Introduction to the Dakhiometry.

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The new concepts for an authentic physics
Sleeping in the purr of habit, "nothing newer beneath the Sun ". Staying up for another Sun today, piercing through the Difference, appears the wealth of day.
This text is an introduction to the different reasons and characteristics of the Dakhiometry. The dakhi - evolution + of + "universee" (Austria) In dakhiometry, the universe universee is made of matter and all relationship and interaction between object, express in characteristics of matter that is space - motion. But the space - motion is not the space-time, that is here at this place and that continue to the most far as possible. This is not a line, or a plan, or a volume, that stretch to reach in the ascendancy of the infinity. The dakhiometric space is well defined The fundamentally different vision, from these classic space concepts, is that the dakhiometry is a conscience that the space - motion is more than figures. It is conscience of matter. This last wears the wealth of the universe, not only by its large distance but, mostly, the space is rich by the fineness of its resolution. Because, the vision of a continuous line was a bad concept, contradictory to the real space that is only locations. The space in which live can develop, is well definite universe of an absolute locations cloud. The absolute location means unique locations. The importance role of the space as absolute locations, can understand rapidly. Since you are all computer system users, you would have the opportunity to observe the difference between images having different resolutions in colors pitch and in pixels. But even with the best numerical resolutions, you knew certainly that these qualities remain again far below the photographic grains one. What does have again a more best resolution ? Molecules, atoms, and elementary particles of the physics ? But there, even with Quantum Mechanics, there is no more spatial resolution. With the Uncertainty Principle, we return again in the Infinitely where no location id defined. In this case, you are in the Continuum, it is to tell, in a world where the continuous line exists, a geometric infinite world. Contrary to the current belief, in the Continuum, it is a contradiction to talk about definition of a line. Therefore, your monitor should have there No-Resolution. You can not read any text, nor look at a nice photo. Now, if you are still using your computer, with a 64 bits or 128 bits resolution, you are proving there that the universe is not a Continuum and that the world is composed of reality quanta. The diakhiometry recognizes a minimal of the space and therefore the universe space is composed of locations down to the minimal state resolution. A minimal being, could make a lot of things, but more than a lot, it is even, the universe constructor. However, he never would know skating and thus to slip as a wave on the ice. It would only jump in the space, from one to an other location, as a frog would make it gracefully, from a stone to an other, over the marsh. There is no longer here, a continuous space of the classic Geometry, neither the Quantum Mechanics' one, that is governed by a Continuum thought, the Principle of Uncertainty. Without being masked by these ideas, the constitution of any thing of the universe, and particularly for the human, can be seen as entirely oriented to a narrow relationship, in the entire large distance, as well as in the just fineness of the space - motion. Everything is united by relationship, but nothing is smelted, indefinite and blurred, because, each thing is unique. The entire space - location of the universe is the place of the existence events, by relationships between uniqueness, and absolute location allows therefore to validate the motion, source of changes. Any object exists wholly as a total physical definition in the universe space Similarly, for a tree, one can observe that it kisses closely the solid, the liquid, the air and beyond the subtle of the light, similarly all thing, particularly the alive, is a unit constructed for the listening of the universe, all along the range of the space - motion. The man is more than the simplistic of a body of Senses, animated by a Spirit. In truth, it is a system of large complexity, dived in the subtle invisible spaces - motion. Just as the tree, he is rooted in the solid and the liquid, by his food and the feeling of to touch, from the infrasonic vibrations to the electromagnetic radiation, just as the tree through foliage, the alive grows into the universe and develops there an existence, into the subtle of the matter where interactions that are developed there, can be recognized as the thinking. Thinking as well as the memory are not a particular property to each object. Because in the subtle of matter, named as the dakhi, one finds there the universal, at there, everything can be linked to the universe in its Whole. And finally, it is in this world of minimal definition that tends the complexity to get in complete connection. Matter that appears through forms, are validated by the space - motion to the resolution of this ultimate world. The Dakhiometry tempts therefore only establish methods to get knowledge in this invisible fineness of the dakhi, the majority state of matter of the universe. It seeks therefore to better know the Breath of the universe. The Breath of the universe The Breath of the Tao is often translated into an other word, the Spirit. But the Spirit, as the duality Body - Spirit is a misinterpretation. The Breath has to be understood in the senses of the Source, the Root, Energy - food -of- life. The Breath is therefore a matter, accessible for a clear knowledge. Concerning the Breath, It does not concern the Creator - Spirit idea but it means physical Principle, Mother of Life. The difference between Creation and Principle concepts, is as follow: 1) - the Creation concept wears in it, the possibility of Fantasy, of Arbitrary. The Creation is a work (beautiful or ugly, it doesn't matter) of the Arbitrary that can take form, only all at once, by universal Laws that it has promulgated. The Creation remains &quto;eternally" fixed in this rigidity. These Laws of Creation, create therefore the world, in one go, whole of a block. This world remains therefore coagulated, since these Laws are Eternal otherwise they would not be Laws. Like a sculptor that can only look at the rigidity of a statue. This last, without doubt, can not surpass himself, beyond this fixed state. 2) - the Principle concept concerns the Knowledge. The principle is a state of Knowledge that can generate all world's Predicate. In this senses, by a just Principle, it is allowed to predict the world. If one can predict the world, this means that the world can change and that the prediction is a science born from this Knowledge. With a just Principle, the human does not feel the necessity to seek the "creator" of this principle. It enriches the vision of the world. Because the predicate wealth of the world is a proof of an immutability, without which there is no possible vision of predicates. For example, a mathematical equation and a form of a figure, does not persist in their definition, if they have no root in the Permanence. By this last things can take their senses. And it is because there is possible prediction, that the notion of a direction is legitimate. The universe constitutes in Direct Democracy With the concept of Principle, it is necessary to dare to go more far in consequences and to tempt to surpass rigidities of the current thought. It is therefore shown here, a fundamental aspect of the Knowledge that resides buried under the obviousness. Because, we are going to analyze a couple of concepts by which are build visions of the world, namely : universal Laws and Facts of the reality. A) - With a classic thought resting on the Creation, we have a Duality so called Causes-Effect, that erects the thought according to a following postulate : universal laws => Facts of the reality Therefore, it is thus an implicit manner, that the nature is governed by universal Laws and that all phenomenon, is a Fact of these Laws. There is a pre-eminence of Laws on the Fact. Consequently, it is admitted as a postulate that without Laws, the nature would not be. B) - In Dakiometry where the thought is based on the Unit Principle, it is possible to see that there is not Laws and Facts, as two distinct concepts. The thought of the pre-eminence of Laws on Facts of the nature, is a non-finite thought that remains linear, in the form of an open chain. The pre-eminence of a concept on an other, can not constitute a thought. At the very most, this is only an attitude to observe a world, rather than to live the world. It is well the characteristic of a Dual thought, that is non-Perfect, that is to say non-finite and thus, infinite and that one can schematize it with the relativity chain more-than-least-than. - How does one approach these problems, in Dakhiometry ? In reality, there are no Laws guiding Facts happening in the nature. There is only Phenomenon Facts acting, because when events throw up, nature does not worry about what Laws this should obey. - Without Laws as guides, why phenomena are they reproductive ? It is true that phenomena are reproductive and is a permanent phenomenon in the nature. But to hang at all costs the reproduction of phenomenon to universal or Eternal Law, as for Causes creating Effect, is not the result of reflection, but this is only a mechanics of the habit. The universe is not revealed, the universe builds The nature is autonomous, along the way of its construction. There are therefore no Laws, on the rails of which the nature has to be guided. The concept of Law in the nature, is the central beam having supported all the thought of a whole civilization. What happen to this thought, without the idea of Law governing the world ? In Dakiometry, one can demonstrate that the nature constitutes and behaves as Memory, correspondingly to the Permanence of the universe. A fundamental property, that can be put in obviousness, is the Permanent Memory that is inherent to each phenomenon. universal Laws as premises to the Nature, can not be rationally explained. While the nature as Memory is a physics that one can explore. The reproductive of experiences and the Principle of Induction The human knowledge, that remains recorded in languages, translate clearly the memory phenomenon. Thus, words as ubiquity, omnipresence, omniscience, immutability, are evidences of the human conscience, describing precisely, on the qualities of the Memory in the universe. Note that modern notions about the reproductive experiences and on the principle of induction, are characteristics of the Memory obviousness. However, one can tell that these ideas do not allow for as much, a physical approach because one can not know there, what is the physics reproductive in large number. While with the universal Memory that is immutability, ubiquity, omniscience, the reproduction and the induction, flow from clear source. There is a radical difference, between to-obey-to universal Laws and to evolve according to the Unit Principle. In the first case, there can be only a nature in the Determinism, in the last case, there is an opening for the construction, according to characteristics of the Unit. Here, there is liberty and not chance in construction, since evolution defines according to properties of the Uniqueness. This last, is a exclusive condition of the real Absolute Liberty of the nature, because the Determinism is contradictory to the definition of the evolution for construction of Uniqueness. In brief, exactly and strictly, Unique means Absolute Liberty. Now, an another problem seems to rise : Evolution and Permanent Memory can appear as incompatible notions, to first views. However, a deeper examination shows that it is not forbidden to a Permanent Memory to enlarge, because, the addition result of a permanent memory to a permanent memory, is naturally, a Permanent Memory. And naturally, this the proof of the recursive process ! However, in dakhiometry, we more simply say that nature acts uniquely as a Memory. If one may uses again to words universal Laws, but with a meaning linked to the Memory, then one should state differently the relationship between Phenomenon and Laws, as follows : Facts of the reality => universal Laws It is because Facts are accomplished realities that are printed in Memory. This filling of memory allows next, to read and interpret it and then to formulate them as physical Laws. universal Laws are only jurisprudence and non avatars of the Creation One can state that the Evolution of the universe are Facts stored permanently in the Memory of the universe. These Facts are realities proved and not something disappearing into the Pasts. On the contrary, Fact belong to the permanence, it is allowed then to pull some Laws. Also, in Dakhiometrie, it is stated that forms of universal Laws that one can establish on the nature, can only be the results of Evolution Facts actually done. Also, one can here assert that universal Laws are consequences of reality Facts. One can understand that, in looking at experiences of the human social Justice. Because, in applications of Laws and Facts, the Justice makes a large room to the jurisprudence, recognizing as Laws. According to these lighting, we may understand that in Dakhiometry it is stated that in the universe, Laws are built on the jurisprudence of the accomplish phenomena and validated by the Memory. With these precision on the nature, as a Permanent Memory, there are no universal Laws preexisting to the universe. There is only the physical Law handwriting ipso facto by the reality of the Evolution. More precisely, the Evolution is a necessary and sufficient condition to generate Physical Laws. With, these new visions on properties of the universe, one can get a vaster notion on Physical Laws, that, while remaining ever true, evolve and become more complex. Rich consequences are numerous. A new idea of Laws and physics Phenomena acquires with the viewpoint following : Laws of the nature are perusals of the alive. They are built in the universe, by traces of life that each individual deposits in the universal Memory. We can recognize here, the natural root of Laws built with the Direct Democracy. And well more again, one can conceive in Dakhiometry, that the Evolution of the universe, can only construct new physical Laws, that yet do not exist in its current state. This is fabulously fabulous ! What a Liberty, what a marvel ! It is emphasized that the idea of science progress concerns the discovers of laws that was hidden by a mysterious eternal nature. While the changes in universal laws stated above, is in fact, an evolution of universal laws according to the physical processes of change in nature, that are completely recorded in the universe Memory. Therefore, the fundamental human duty, is to act in such a manner, that each being, with no exception, can live their uniqueness, according to their full Knowledge development. It is a means to justly build the universe. To build the wonder, is not an utopia, but concern the need for everyone, to have access to the physical knowledge of the authentic universe. The dakhiometry Reminder of definition Object : objects of the universe, are all uniqueness, with the characteristics to have a center, to be a Whole, a Complete, Perfect (that is to say having all properties to be autonomous). It is what the new informatic sciences, have justly used in their definitions and conceptions of Objects Languages. This reminder is necessary because somebody yet living in the dual notion of Subject - Object, could have feel to be offended, believing that he was lowed to the Object state. The definite Object above, has no therefore anything degrading, I think that its meaning is nobler than the ancient anachronistic Subject notion. In example, it will be given some analyze on main aspects concerning the physical vision : 1) - the reflection of the light The mechanism of the reflection and the refraction of the light. 2) - The fall of bodies One can see also, how one can deduce the fall of bodies and its relationship with a Potential of movement. This last is a real new vision on the organization of the movement in the nature and whose idea of a Field of Force is only a notion falsified. The fall, the potential and the gravitation are only incoherent and sparse descriptions of a general mechanism, truly universal, that is placement of objects and organization of movement, in the universe. The universal Gravitation, even if experiences verify it, is a serious error, in its consequences, because one uses it intensely, to generate an illusory universe, in which thinks of this world are educated 3) - The "transmutation" of the movement One will see also, by deduction of the Conservation of the Action, how a movement can transmute in different movement scales of interaction. A photon would be a particular transmutation phenomenon of movement within the atomic system. The transmutation would be a mechanism of scale change of the movement This change of scale has no common with the notion of "degradation" of the movement, well known in the thermodynamics. Because one knows it, the photon can again disappear, in a inverted process. In brief, the photon and electromagnetic phenomena, are not probably particles of matter that would travel through the universe.

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