Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anarchism Essay (again) excerpt

From: ... For all anarchists, the most important principle to remember is that every form of authority and domination and hierarchy — every authoritarian structure — must prove it is justified; it has no prior justification. The burden of proof must always be on the person exercising the authority. They believe that most of the time authority structures have no justification: not morally, not in the interests of the person lower in the hierarchy, or in the interests of other people, or the environment, or the future, or even general society.[62] Anarchists directly challenge what we are led to believe are inevitable and natural facts: that most of us are little more than our labour power, always in thrall to the laws of the market-place, that most things can be expressed in monetary terms, that quality of life is related to the possession of commodities, and that happiness best belongs to a private not public sphere.[63] They believe that none of these are valuable for human life, and they are certainly not part of a ‘human nature’ we cannot escape from. ...

This is absolutley right, and as absolutely impossible. Just as the saying that anarchists are absolutely indispensible the day before the revolution, and totally unnecessary the day following.

Emergency Poems by Nicanor Parra is also on my shelf, Alice:


otherwise there isn't any way to explain/those houses without windows or doors/those interminable lines of automobiles

and judging by the phosphorescent shadows/we're probably in hell

below that cross I'm sure/
there has to be a church
Hi, I'm the author of this piece.

Could you please explain in a bit more detail why you think it is 'absolutely impossible'? I do not believe that anarchists are totally unnecessary the day following the revolution; they must remain anarchists, in fact their goal as anarchists has come to its conclusion so they must necessarily become an even stronger anarchist after the revolution.
P.S. My site is if you want to take a look. The full anarchism essay is there also.
Thanks for your comment, Richard.

And your question....

Crispin Sartwell has issued a challenge for those who have 'better' ideas...

All Good Things,
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