Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take several forms at one time, by Liara Covert


In a book called Seth Speaks, Jane Roberts channels what Seth explains as inherent characteristics of any consciousness. That is to say, this book suggests any human being is capable of taking on many forms at one time. Do you underestimate your potential?

For example, your physical body can lie on a bed while your consciousness journeys in a dream form to very different locations. You can explore astral and lucid dream states. You can devise thought forms of yourself which could materialize in another place without your conscious awareness. Are you beginning to discern your hidden strength?

As you evolve to realize your consciousness isn't limited, you also begin to realize that you aren't limited in terms of the forms you can create and project at a given time. The better you get-to-know yourself, the more conscious you will become about what you are doing, what you have the potential to do, and what forms you can control into being.

What would you say if you were able to learn to travel through emotions rather than permit them to control you? What would you say if you felt much more freedom to explore an experience in ways that used to seem unnatural or inconceivable? What would you do?

Imagine what it will feel like when you no longer wish to hide your emotions, when you no longer fear the truth. Imagine how your life will change from the moment you know your feelings are discerned through senses you forgot you had. Choices will make more sense.

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