Sunday, March 16, 2008

We are at War: Call for decentralized and autonomous direct action against the war

For five years the cross-hairs of empire have been on Iraq and Afghanistan. In five years we’ve seen enormous demonstrations, protests, and rallies all over the world, yet still war rages. For five years we’ve heard the promises of politicians and ideologues. They were swept into power with anti-war rhetoric, yet still war rages. What do we expect with five more years of the same? It is difficult to think about, and often to realize. The death machine rages while simultaneously we are trapped in the seemingly smooth routine within the heart of empire. Our lives monotonously repeating the roles assigned to us by capital are capital’s fuel. There’s talk of “no blood for oil”, but it is our lives which reproduce, perpetuate, spread, and deepen capital/civilization/empire. This is the reality presented that pushes the contradiction of conflict into the background. Our perceived inability makes our ability to have an impact on our lives something we wish to easily forget. It is long since time to be blunt. The anti-war movement is a corpse, yet the majority is more and more against the war. This says something both about the effectiveness of actions which are allowed and the contempt for the value of the individual within the mass of organizations. But honestly, do we really expect means allowed by those who depend on war, create war, whose existence is war bubbling below the surface to allow an end to what their existence necessitates by means they favor? Only by means that value the individual, strong passionate connections and affinity can we pose an alternative worth creating for – worth destroying for. Thus, we are calling on all of you to let loose your rage. We are calling on you to realize your fantasies and to make them live. On the anniversary of the war, the night of March 20th, meet with your loved ones and put plans into action. Let it be a night of decentralized direct action against war and empire. Let’s ensure that power feels our joy as wrath. Allow them not a moments rest. -some Milwaukee anarchists

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